Images from the Maoist Mass Meeting in Kathmandu-I

Photo blog by Dinesh Wagle
First of Two Parts. Here is the second part.

Images from Maoist Mass Meeting in Kathmandu
Who cares about those boring speeches in this heat: Instead take a nap or pick your ear!

It was an impressive show but the number of participants in today’s Maoist Mass Meeting wasn’t as much as it was publicized to be. No way that there were five hundred thousands people in the mass meeting but it was probably the biggest mass meeting Khula Manch has ever seen. One can easily sense that many of the participants in the mass meeting were there under pressure from the Maoist party. Many people whom I talked to said that they received special invitation (that is to say order to be present in the mass meeting.) Who specifically mentioned about such pressure didn’t want to be photographed or quoted but some said on record that they were not Maoist supporters and were in Kathmandu to see the Mass Meeting. Some of them were quick enough to distance themselves form the Maoist party as if being identified as Maoist was a kind of sin! Here is a photo blog. Continue reading Images from the Maoist Mass Meeting in Kathmandu-I

Long March To Kathmandu: Nepali Capital Turns Red. Maoists Everywhere

In what is widely considered as the show of their force, Maoists are organizing rallies and mass meeting in Kathmandu that many believe will be the biggest the city has ever seen. Maoist sympathizers and ‘forcefully invited’ people from all over the country have assembled in the capital city. Rallies have started from different parts of the city. People are shouting anti-monarchy, pro-republican slogans. One rally that started a few minutes ago from Tinkune is moving fast toward the city center where it will merge with other rallies and gather in the open air theater. Very few city people are in the rallies. Most of them seem to be coming from villages. (details will be posted later in the day)

Maoist volunteers in the rally
Who might have called him? A Maoist volunteer talks on his cell phone holding party flag with his left hand. Several volunteers like him were leading a rally. All pics by Wagle Continue reading Long March To Kathmandu: Nepali Capital Turns Red. Maoists Everywhere