State of the Nepali Politics: Random Thoughts

The show of power and bargain in current political scenario.

By Dinesh Wagle

As the government is struggling to maintain peace in the society (by effectively controlling lootings and general crime in the city), Maoists are hours away from demonstrating their power for the first in the history of this country. Well, they showed their power in the past 10 years but this time around they will be doing the same without arms. At least without displaying them. Kathmanduits are anxiously waiting for the Maoist Mass Meeting in the capital city that, it is widely expected, will see a crowd of more than two hundred thousands. (Some have even claimed about 5 hundred thousands but I don’t want to guess about the number as we will see that pretty much soon.)

However, I am sure that Maoists have understood the collective power of the people and they will be demonstrating that power right under the nose of their biggest enemy and the symbol of feudalism: the palace and the elites of Kathmandu. Even the traffic office has issued directives to drivers about the change in route around the downtown Kathmandu keeping in mind the possible crowd in and around Khula Manch. Yes, yes, there is Bhoto Jatra as well and the king is expected to appear publicly for the first time after people stripped him off the power last in April. But the question that many people are asking is: Will Prachanda appear in the mass meeting? Maoists haven’t talked about his possible arrival though they haven’t ruled out the possibility as well.

Talking about the ‘numerous’ incidents of lootings and petty crimes in the city, one can only wonder if there is an organized force behind it. Home Minister spoke publicly about the inability and incompetence of the police force. He thinks that the police are not doing their best to combat the crime in the city. Many believe that some regressive elements want to show that the new government is incapable of running the administration.

The phase of transition, though it appears terribly slow, is interesting. Knowing that people are supreme, both the Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists are trying to sell their agendas to the public. They want people to support them on the procedural difference with the other side on reaching up to the election of constituent assembly. “There is no difference of opinion on holding the election of CA,” says Krishna Bahadur Mahara who is leading the Maoist talks team. “We will be talking about the procedure and technicalities in the next round of talks.” Maoists definitely want to influence the upcoming rounds of talks with tomorrow’s turnout.

SPA leaders, on the other hand, are trying hard to tell people why the parliament shouldn’t be dissolved before the election of the constituent assembly. They are also talking that the All Side Conference proposed by the Maoists will be less representative than that of the current House of Representative. On this point, Nepali Congress and CPN UML, the largest two parties in the alliance, have the same voice. Interestingly, Nepali Congress is against the idea of reviving the local bodies that were dissolved in 2002 while UML is for that. Here, Congress and Maoist have come to one side. Congress is pushing the idea of having all parties represented in the local bodies and Maoists are supportive of this.

The recent resolution of the parliament on women rights and provision in the current constitution are contradicting with each other. Some are talking about bringing out the new constitution but the SPA seems to be uninterested for that. As an observer who wants to see things move ahead in fast pace, I am annoyed by the slow speed. If we can’t hold the CA election this year, palace will play something foul and regressive elements will have chance to raise their heads.

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18 thoughts on “State of the Nepali Politics: Random Thoughts

  1. I know only one fact that the present parliament can not represent all nepali people. The longer it reamins in power the more trouble it will face. The questions will be raised from different paths of life, it legality will be questions. SO why not anounnce constitutional assembly ellection doing necessary work for it. No other laws, no other major things than constitutional assembly election. OK. SPA lai Chetana Bhaya

  2. we should keep warning all leader that they should meet the expectation of people. The whole mass was not lead by any leaders it was the whole people’s movement. Even knowing that they had deceived peoples many time in the past, once again they are given a chance to correct their past actions and do the right things this time. If they are thinking that they can again exploit the powers for their own use, that will the greatest mistake. They will be crused down six feet under.

  3. What a big [icd] farce of a rally! First, they hijack vehicles from people whose livelihood depends on it. (Why don’t they pay like everyone else) Then they force thousands of people to be herded into these vehicles like cattles to go sit all day under hot sun. (God forbid another packed bus falls off the cliff) Then they even have the nerve to make it look as if it is some sort of a people supported event. Clearly not! Enough insult to people’s intelligence here … time to be clear to any unelected autocratic regime that they are not wanted- be it King or Maoists!

  4. I agree that Parliament and Government will be in trouble if they attempt to stay in power any longer than needed. Longer they stay in power, more mistakes will be made, government will be blamed for everything from prices increases of oil and commodities to increase in crimes, Government will be unpopular, and they will lose support from people just like Gyane’s Government. And ultimately, either Gyane or Maoist will win the game. If I were Girija or SPA leaders I would be holding talks with Maoists every day in a war footing to conduct constitution assembly election within six months. We cannot breathe a sigh of victory until we have conducted a CA election and a parliamentry election to elect the new Government. Why don’t these politicians understand that staying in power longer than needed right now is a liability?

    However, I feel that we need a parliament as long as we have this Government. Parliaments check the power of the Government. If MP’s do not bring issues and criticisms to the Government, and discuss the courses we are taking, then people would be criticizing in the street through protests. And the right and civil way to bring the issues and criticisms of the Government is through the parliament.

  5. Let’s Welcome the newly born (in April to be specific)Maoist leader called Comrade Wagle.
    He is the Minister of Youth in Maoiost Cabinet.

  6. Hey Coke,
    What the [icd] is your problem. If you don’t like this blog, just get the hell out of here. Move [icd] somewhere else………

  7. we can’t trust maiost any more.they forcefully take all the vechele from the driver.if they don’t give the vechile they will kill we have to beaware of these criminals.

  8. I think maoist have bebome like paras, they do what they want,kill who they want,.Spa should now warn these sick murders that this country is not their fathers home

  9. Almightrob said: “we should keep warning all leader that they should meet the expectation of people. The whole mass was not lead by any leaders it was the whole people’s movement. Even knowing that they had deceived peoples many time in the past, once again they are given a chance to correct their past actions and do the right things this time. If they are thinking that they can again exploit the powers for their own use, that will the greatest mistake. They will be crused down six feet under.”

    You have such naive confidence in “people power” to crush the Maoists. The people HAVE NO GUNS and will simply be shot down. The security forces in Kathmandu could not shoot down their own friends and family. The Maoists will have no such problem.

  10. Hi Mr. Wagle,

    This is my first comment regarding maoist and SPA in your site.

    I agree with “rdr” & aakakash. Recently by Janaandolan-2, we have removed autocratic regime who was using power mercilesly and violating human right in every respect. People were thinking now the peaceful days are on and hoping moist follow the same morality, same human base and code of conduct but since the code of conduct scripted, maoist have been violating it from start to till now in every respect. They have been recruiting children in their millitia, forceful donnation, intimidation, abduction and killing. Now for their mass meeting first time in Kathmandu valley they have been forcebly snatching vehicles from owner and respected trade organisation, forcing general public to participate in their so called “Power show” programme”. By collecting or forcing people from remote district and showing them in Tudikhel won’t prove that those are supporting them or they are maoist. This only can be proved in the general election (hope we will have one day) and then their actual face will be seen in public. Let me challenge Prachanda to appear in any constituency of Katmandu Metropolitan for general election. I bet he will not even get more than 5000 votes, where as late Madan Kumar Bhandari won from Kathmandu while he wan’t born or study in Kathmandu even not practised his political carrier here before 2046 BS.

    Thus, I suggest Prachanda and Babu Ram to be pragmatic and realistic rather then hypothetic and autocratic.

    If you have courage please give up arms first of all infont of UN mediators and then go for constituent Assembly election. I am sure if you could do so, certainly you will be supported or sympathised by general people and foreign world. But you won’t do this as you have 100% confident that general public are not in your support and you know without gun you cannot get any vote,thus you are making this propaganda that you will only laydown arms after the CA election but this is fully suspicious as if CA election will not come in your favour, you will (I am sure, not only me but whole Nepal) go again to Jungle, because it’s your behaviour that you won’t accept anyones rule or anyone supremacy or power.

    Think about it. I am not against maoism but against your sytle of dealing isssue and people


  11. Dineshji,

    Comparing to us, you people are the major players for bringing this situation.

    Just tell us whether you are happy with this situation????without regret, anger, fear and stupidity…

  12. Dinesh,

    You got it right. RANDOM THOUGHTS – that is what you really have only. Absolutely Random (check up the meaning: directionless, accidental, hit and miss, haphazard, unsystematic). Yours is all of the above.

  13. I am getting ready for a senseless, directionless, susbsistence economy then famine prone future for Nepal. I am honing my wood cutting skills, my farming skills, and am setting my mind towards a hunter and gatherer mode. Better then farming for “peanuts” under the maoists. I will just dissapear into the wilderness and try to survive. Maybe if I have the energy left I’ll start my own insurgency to bring back democracy into Nepal. I suggest you all do the same.

  14. In spite of some vital steps against the monarchical system and power, the monarchy has been left to exist, though as a titular head, much of the type persisting in the United Kingdom or the Japan, two prominent powers of the world imperialist-capitalist system among others. Visibly, it was a compromise with the monarchy and a betrayal to people’s aspiration for total abolition of monarchy and establishment of a people’s republic. It was a compromise in which the power of the monarchy and feudalism is curbed, yet the monarchy is left to survive as an institution.

    In lieu of that, in the name of multi-party democracy the emerging capitalist class is installed with full power. Thus, it was a compromise in which with the SPA consisting largely of the parties of aspirant bourgeoisie reined in front, the capitalists gain power, a bourgeois democracy of the capitalists is consolidated, obviously at the cost of people’s bloodshed and sufferings, at the cost of people’s aspiration for a real people’s democracy. So not only the monarchy is not yet abolished in Nepal; rather the dictatorship of the capitalist class is being consolidated behind the smokescreen of multi-party parliamentary democracy. US imperialism, Indian expansionism and its designful Union government, the revisionist CPI(M) and aspirant Nepalese bourgeoisie and their servitors all have worked in tandem to strike this shameful deal with the monarchy. Even the CPN-M is now looking ahead for the election of the new Constituent Assembly, without raising their demand for total abolition of the monarchy any further.

    In any case, after successfully carrying through this deal, the SPA government, in their bid to curtail the power of the monarchy has brought the charge of the Royal Nepal Army under the parliament. But they have not disbanded the army, whose loyalty to the monarchy persists. In this situation, there is a question floating in the air, inviting discussions and comments in this or that circle. What will be the consequences, if this army plays a different tune in future and come into confrontation with the parliament at the instruction or instigation of the king, who remains dormant as a persisting institution? Presently, people are in fighting vigilant mood. If, and when, this mood dies down, cannot the army react otherwise and revolt to nullify the steps taken by the government?

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