Slow Politics Adds Frustration in Nepali People

The Koirala cabinet shouldn’t take time to take pro-people decisions.

By Dinesh Wagle

There is a saying in Nepali, dhila hos tara chhoro hos, which I think translates somewhat like better late than never. It’s been more than a month that Nepalis won against autocracy in Nepal but we haven’t seen the real change yet. Not in action, at least, though we have been told, in papers, that we have gone for historic and revolutionary changes. Its been more than 10 days that Parliament declared itself a supreme body and took several apparently landmark decisions. But we have seen no implementation of those decisions except those cosmetic changes like the renaming of His Majesty’s Government to Nepal Government and Royal Nepal Army to Nepal Army. The government has become too slow to implement those parliamentary decisions. People are closely monitoring the situation and they are increasingly becoming frustrated by the loath cabinet. Continue reading Slow Politics Adds Frustration in Nepali People