Trashing Democracy: Nepal Case Study

Learning from the past experience: Implementing democracy in Nepali society. By Nepali Bai (UWB received this article in email) The difference between pre- and post- 1990 is not the level of corruption, gentlemen, and corruption has actually gone down. Get used to it! Democracies all over the world have the same low opinion of theirContinue reading “Trashing Democracy: Nepal Case Study”

A Maoist Leader Talks About Peace Talks

By Gunaraj Luitel and Ujir Magar [UWB: Kantipur News Editor Gunaraj Luitel and reporter Ujir Magar conducted an interview with Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara who also heads the talks team set up by the rebel party. Mahara arrived in the capital this week “to make the environment favourable for talks with the government”. ThisContinue reading “A Maoist Leader Talks About Peace Talks”