Backpack Journalist: Kevin Sites In Kathmandu

American war correspondent Kevin Sites points his camera toward an armed Maoist guerilla girl in Kailali, far west Nepal, this week. Pic by Wagle By Dinesh Wagle Saturday Blog A soldier heading for the war zone would carry a loaded rifle along with a bandolier of bullets. What about a journalist who is going toContinue reading “Backpack Journalist: Kevin Sites In Kathmandu”

King Gyanendra Should Disclose Details Of His Properties

King Gyanendra should dutifully disclose the details of his personal and royal palace properties and proudly pay the tax. Now that the House of Representatives has declared itself a sovereign and supreme body and people have joyfully welcomed the Proclamation, its time to implement those decisions without any delay. We have seen people at governmentContinue reading “King Gyanendra Should Disclose Details Of His Properties”