Nepal Celebrates Historic Democratic Achievement

Victory rallies organized around the country. People warn of dire consequences if anyone dares to go against the Parliament Declaration

nepal celebrates democracy victory...meena koirala

Tens of thousands of jubilant Nepali people Friday participated in victory rallies organized around the country to celebrate Thursday’s historic Parliament Proclamation. While celebrating the achievement, they were cautious about possible fight back by the regressive elements. “But it will be very hard for them to go against the Parliament proclamation that reflects the popular wish,” said Padma Raj Lamichhane, 53, who teaches in a University in Kathmandu. Meena Koirala, a 20-year-old student-turned-political activist was dancing happily in a mass meeting in Ratna Park this afternoon where five thousand people had gathered to mark the victory day. They were singing songs satirizing king Gyanendra whose wings were cut off by the parliament. “I am very happy today,” she (pic above and below) said after emerging out of the crowd. “But this fight should continue until we have democratic republicanism in Nepal.” She was confident that no one will dare to go against the Parliament Declaration.

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