My Story: A Royal Nepal Army Captain Talks About His Profession

Just imagine guys, a city bred nineteen year old for whom a fight meant a brawl at the disco or at the bar, was leading a contingent of young soldiers in the land of the Maoists, ready to fight for his and his men’s lives.

Comment of the Moment
By Nepali Chhoro

UWB Note: This article was received as a comment for this post. We haven’t verified the identity of Nepali Chhoro as a Royal Nepal Army captain. (We request him to do so by phone so that we can remove (or replace this notice). We will respect his right to privacy. We are publishing this article here because we liked it.)

I am an army officer and have been a regular visitor to UWB for some time now. And I see that this place, like so many others in today’s Nepal, is filled with discussion regarding the RNA. There have been numerous instances when I have felt the urge to put forward my comments, especially to articles or comments that tend to make some wild speculation regarding the army, but I’ve always managed to refrain myself from doing so. But this time around my heartfelt desire to share my story with you guys has got the better of me. And so here I present my story. I hope this will be able to clear of lot of misconceptions that people tend to have about the army. Continue reading My Story: A Royal Nepal Army Captain Talks About His Profession