Royal Government’s Misuse of State Fund Exposed

Plundering the Public Property: An artist’s impression of royal henchmen misusing state fund. Sketch by Deven via Kantipur

For the first time in the history of Nepal, SPA government has exposed the rampant misuse of state fund by previous government. Presenting a white paper in yesterday’s meeting of House of Representative, Finance Minister Dr. Ramsharan Mahat, revealed the abuse of state coffer. Few months ago, Himal Khabarpatrika (28 Feb- 13 March 2006 issue) ran a cover story that stated 50 crore rupees from state fund has been misused by royal government. The story warned: “This (the misuse) not only shows the mishandling of state fund but also that country’s budget and the expenditure system is dismantled.”

This is an example of how taxpayers’ money is misused to suppress the movement and to sustain the crumbling government. Here‘s the news from today’s The Kathmandu Post. Here’s another news on palace’s expenditure.

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54 thoughts on “Royal Government’s Misuse of State Fund Exposed

  1. To be fare,

    The only difference between the royal govt. and all the other governments and the maoist’s peoples government is that the royal government (i.e. the King especially) crooked by officially passing it through their cabinet, and the previous democratic governments crooked big time “under the table”, and the maoists crooked and are still crooking by extorting at gunpoint.

    Result; You could say:
    The King is transparantly and unashamedly corrupt.
    The maoists are blatantly corrupt.
    The parties are covertly corrupt.

    This sums it up. Not one of the three can claim to be holier than thou I’m afraid.

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