Out of Jail, Maoist Comrades Chanted Slogans On The Street

Walking with Maoist folks who, after being released by authorities, were taking out rally and chanting slogans on the main street of the town.

Comrade Sapana aka Bijaya

Bijaya Kuwar aka Comrade Sapana, 15, wants to continue her sixth grade study. “But,” she said while chanting slogan in a rally organized immediately after her release from 3-month-loing imprisonment this afternoon. “I don’t know what my friends [in the party] will say me to do.” In the photos below, she is seen passing contact information to one of her friends who wanted to be in touch with her in future. All pics by Wagle

By Dinesh Wagle in Dhangadi (west Nepal)

“Which name do you want?” was her unexpected reply when I asked her the most frequent question that reporters ask the people on the street. And, without giving me a second to think about the possible answer, she provided me two options. “Name in the party or home?” And she shouted “Jindabad” before I could demand both of her names. She was not only talking to me but also participating in a rally. She was responding to a slogan that one of her comrades was chanting on the main street of Dhangadi, Kailali. “Ne Ka Pa Maobadi,” her comrade was saying. [CPN Maoist- Jindabad. Up with the party!] Continue reading Out of Jail, Maoist Comrades Chanted Slogans On The Street

Down With Damn Deuba

Sher Bahadur Deuba is a royal palace agent in the Seven Party Alliance and, if his party doesn’t expel him, he should be kicked out of the Seven Party Alliance immediately.

By Dinesh Wagle
Yes, we have seen the reincarnation of Dr. Tulsi Giri in the form of Sher Bahadur Deuba. And this is the worst form we have ever seen. We always knew that the Deuba was a key player in a conspiracy hatched in Narayanhitti Palace that surprisingly dissolved the parliament in May 2002. That was the date when the regression raised its face in Nepal. And we saw October 2002 when, as per the same conspiracy it seemed, the Prime Minister (Deuba) was fired. Deuba is the shin of Nepali democracy who introduced the notorious Pajero Project among other things. We also know that the palace is playing games, games to block the Parliament from making groundbreaking, historical and pro-people decisions. And the Palace has again used Deuba. And as per that plan Deuba created obstructions and the House of Representatives couldn’t even discuss on a proposal that would severely curtail the rights and privileges of the king. Continue reading Down With Damn Deuba