Painting The Royal Away: We Will Never Forget This

painting monarchy away...removing the word royal

As overwhelming majority of Nepali people are ready to get rid of monarchy from Nepal, people have started to remove signs and symbols of monarchy from public places. Take the photo above as an example. Artists today deleted the word ‘royal’ from a sign board at Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA) this afternoon. NAFA functions under, well, we too delete the word here, _ _ _ _ _ Nepal Academy. In a place where symbols do matter, such development will have significant impact. Man on the right in the photo above is prominent painter Kiran Manandher. The parliament is expected pass a historic proposal on Monday that will drastically cut the rights and privileges of the royals in Nepal. Pic by Bikash Karki

The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come V

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Comrades, look at his eyes, if you can

Sanjeev Suwal...socket bomb victim
His Story: His name is Sanjeev Kumar. He is eight years old. What happened to him? Ask the Maoist comrades. Okay, even if they don’t tell us, the boy will definitely reveal the truth. Here is the story: He got injured this Saturday after a socket bomb left by the rebels went off. This photo was taken when he was undergoing treatment in Damauli hospital. Small pieces of bombs have entered inside his right eye according to doctors. 16-year-old boy Som Bahadur Thapa was also injured. Pic by Ghanashyam Khadka Continue reading The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come V