The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come III

Monitoring Maoist Activities in Nepal

After the new government removed the red corner notice and terrorist tag from its leaders, the Maoist party has come over the ground. It has been mobilizing masses around the country in support of the issues including the election of constituent assembly. Many people are hoping that Maoists will abandon the violence and will come to the peaceful politics this time around. But there are problems as well. Some incidents of abduction and extortion by the Maoist cadres have been reported in the media and we can see armed Maoists openly roaming around the villages even after the party has declared three-month-long ceasefire. As the party goes on organizing mass meetings filled with long traditional communist speeches and colorful and revolutionary songs and dances, UWB keeps an eye on them. Here is a photoblog.

Arms Show: Maoist guerrillas from Pili Liberation Army (PLA) take rest in an undisclosed location in Bardia. Pic by Kamal Panthi Continue reading The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come III