Does Nepal Need An Interim Constitution?

Do we need an Interim Constitution? Why do we need it? Can’t we move to Constituent Assembly without Interim Constitution? Is there any justification for the Interim Constitution?

By Surendra Bhandari
Lawyer, in Japan

In one or other ways, all of us should be thinking on these issues. I happened to think on these issues when one of the participants on UWB observed to my opinion that government is empowered by the people’s movement II and therefore capable to take any decision on political grounds and such political decisions are immune from any judicial test in the language of some of the political leaders and lawyers in the country. In my opinion these are completely wrong ideas and unhelpful for democratic transition in the country. Continue reading Does Nepal Need An Interim Constitution?

Bed No: 407

Our blogger undergoes knee surgery and returns hale and hearty from a hospital bed to narrate his ordeal

By Deepak Adhikari

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on bed no: 407 of Medicare Hospital, Chabahil. I was only half-conscious; things appeared hazy to me. After a while, Dr Chakra Raj Pandey, Dr. Raj Rana and Dr. Bhaskar Panta approached me. They congratulated on successful surgery.

It was a bit painful, my knee was covered with bandage, drops trickling from saline water bottle, and blood draining through a pipe attached to the bed. It was much awaited surgery of my knee. I was diagnosed that my knee’s meniscus was torn apart. Dr. Pandey told me he has made my knee advanced. I thanked him. Continue reading Bed No: 407