Cease Fire! Will Peace Fire?

The people pressure on the street will force the government and the Maoists to unite to bring peace in Nepal

As it was widely expected, the government of peoples’ representatives has announced indefinite ceasefire and recognized the Maoist party as a legitimate political force by withdrawing the Red Corner Notice and removing the ‘terrorist’ tag. What does this signal? With the country almost ready for the constituent assembly, a major demand of the Maoist rebels, what can we expect in near future other than the ‘guaranteed’ peace for the next three months? Maoists had declared three-month-long ceasefire last week. Continue reading Cease Fire! Will Peace Fire?

Transition to Democracy: Agenda for Nepal

After the historical popular movement, Nepal is going through a transition to democracy in Nepal. Here is a list of agenda for change and transitional justice:

By Gopal Krishna Siwakoti, PhD

1. Political Agenda

· Declare election for unconditional constituent assembly with reasonable time frame (maximum 15 months recommended).

· Declare ceasefire and establish monitoring mechanism in collaboration with civil society organizations, withdraw red corner notice and cases filed against the rebel leaders (Form a powerful consensus-based interim government including the Maoists to conduct long-cherished election for the constituent assembly. Continue reading Transition to Democracy: Agenda for Nepal