Maoist Vigil and Protest Against Monarchy

Yes, they are watching: We know that pro-democracy people (including civil society) are organizing countrywide mass meeting to warn the political parties that are running the government not to deceive people by compromising the spirit of the Jana Andolan. Hum..not only the unarmed civil society but armed Maoist guerillas are also organizing similar mass meetingsContinue reading “Maoist Vigil and Protest Against Monarchy”

An Open Letter To Richard Boucher

A university teacher from Southern Nepal writes to the American diplomat explaining the situation in the country and warning not to help feudal autocracy anymore. UWB translation of a ‘letter to the editor’ published in today’s Kantipur daily. Richard Boucher Assistant Secretary of State for South [and Central Asian Affairs] Excellency, You are arriving NepalContinue reading “An Open Letter To Richard Boucher”