From Boston to Karachi: Down With Autocracy

The protests against king’s autocratic rules and solidarity for the restoration of democracy defied boundaries. Be it Pakistanis in Karanchi or the Nepali students in Boston, the voice was one: Down With Autocracy

A rally at Karachi Press Club in April 26 to show solidarity with the people of Nepal in the support for the struggle to uproot monarchy and restore people’s rule





Nepali students demanding democracy in Boston, US

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three student.JPG

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(The demonstration in Boston organized by some students and professionals at MIT was probably the first of its kind in a US University)

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23 thoughts on “From Boston to Karachi: Down With Autocracy

  1. And sometime symbols do symbolize very grave messages. They play important role. We can’t forget the role of Nepalis living outside Nepal in Janaandolan 2.

  2. Wonder if any of those holding the posters know that the guy is a Cuban who has now been hijacked by the western glitterati. Wonder what Che would have thought if he knew his contribution to pop fashion would be greater than to the Red revolution!


    UWB: Thank you coke for pointing out the mistake. We first spelled the Pakistani city as Karanchi which was wrong. The correct one is Karachi.

  4. Well Che never liked the idea of nationality and was I think born in Argentina-I never watched Motorcycle Diaries-but we all like to think of him as a Cuban.

  5. oops these guys got their off form their pizza hut job…hehehheh
    who fricking needs peaceful nepal…they are just waiting for lots of people to die so when they get back to nepal they can claim all the wealth …..
    they are like valtures waiting in safe distant for death so they can feed….

  6. che the executioner supporters supporting maoist the blood suckers. their indeed is a synergy. do these pakis and these bostonites even know the ground reality?

  7. Che is a word used to call Argentinians in South America. So correctly Ernesto “Che” Guvera was an Argentinian.

  8. i do not really know what Che liked or not…very limited knowledge about him.but no necessary to read a book to know where he was from.

  9. well – you should be ashamed to make such irresponsible statements. In times like these we need people who think positive. I think you are just a loser looking for some attention, well you just got it.

  10. Um, Well, these are Nepalese students who probably work in order to pay for their schooling. funny you should even mention Pizza Hut because it doesn’t matter where they work.

    And there are lots of Nepalese students in universities all over north america, who will become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Executives, etc here. They’re not remotely waiting to go back to nepal, like you said, when everyone’s dead. Do you know why? Because there’s no, absolutely nada, wealth in Nepal. There’s no oil, no gold, no silver, no diamonds, no geniuses who work in Microsoft etc.

    There’s absolutely nothing except severe lack of human rights to those of us who don’t fall under ‘of a high caste or with lots of family money’ category.

    They can make lots more money here, have access to good health care, property insurance etc. So don’t worry. When you die, no Nepali living abroad, is going to immediately fly to Nepal and take away your measly property.

    Who cares where Che is from and which country he helped revolutionize? He’s a symbol of ‘people’s power,’ and he’s easy on the eyes as well (much easier than Castro and definitely easier than Mao who is ugly beyond belief).

    This might be considered unfashionable now (since it was in style two years ago), but maybe we could revive the Che T-shirt craze and spread it over Kathmandu. That would be totally awesome.

  11. Che means “my dear” in Porteno, spanish dialect spoken in Buenos Aires.Like in Newari we call- “babucha”. Che was a Pediatrician and used to be a very good player of Basket Ball during his college days in Buenos Aires.I met Che’s friends in BA.

  12. i don’t aggree with the thinking about Dr. Sayami that he thought surfacely about the NCP M .He repply to Dr Baburam bhattarai there is no role about the maoist in andolan. and also say this anodolan is peaceful. he dont think 20person kill and thosands asr injorid in this progress. thats why you are say this is peace?

  13. What they want? Are they DMANDING for something? I think thats an american version of protesting. Yup!! With cappuccino in one hand and banner on other. Lame.
    Though i like the picture.

  14. hey layman
    get off the bull horn buddy,
    check your facts first.
    che was not a paediatrician, he was a dermatologist and even worked at a leprosarium-though still while he was a student.

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