Can Parliament Declare Constituent Assembly?

Whether Constituent Assembly with or without a Condition By Surendra Bhandari Lawyer, in Japan The country is still undergoing through a volatile political situation. The political changes induced by the people’s movement followed by King’s declaration for the restoration of the House of Representatives on April 24th 2006 has unfurled immense opportunities to move aheadContinue reading “Can Parliament Declare Constituent Assembly?”

Is Monarchy Relevant for Nepal? (Part II)

Though this article was written immediately after king’s first address, UWB has published it in order to bring the issue of monarchy for public debate. By Mahesh Poudyal The politics of monarchy You must be thinking I must have made some mistakes with the heading “politics of monarchy,” you must be thinking “monarchs don’t getContinue reading “Is Monarchy Relevant for Nepal? (Part II)”