General Strike Day XIX

As the general strike enters the 19th day, protesters seemed a bit tired which is why there was less participation today. But, the spirit is still high and we can say that they are preparing for tomorrow’s final protests. By Deepak Adhikari and Sarojraj Adhikari Banasthali Burning Pics by Rajaram Gautam Shankhamul, 12:30 Some 30Continue reading “General Strike Day XIX”

In Defense of Democracy

UWB received this write up in comment section by the name of apples and oranges. But, we thought it deserves a different space here Sometimes unnecessary debates come into existence because we fail to distinguish between the ‘political system’ and ‘individual leaders.’ What the people are calling for right now is a democratic political system.Continue reading “In Defense of Democracy”

Message From Nepal to the International Community

“The international community’s euphoric reaction to Friday’s royal address is ludicrous, to say the least. It also shows how shallow is their reading of Nepali history and how far removed they are from the present ground reality,” Editorial in The Kathmandu Post titled ‘Int’l Community‘ Currently, Nepal stands at a crossroads. On the right sideContinue reading “Message From Nepal to the International Community”