King's Deceptive Message

The much awaited address by king has only solidified his ambition to remain in power.

Royal Message inside

In his 5 minute long speech, king has tried to take credit for his direct rule and seems reluctant to give power to the people. He has cited article 35 of 1990’s constitution and asked SPA leaders to come up with a name of Prime Minister. Until such name is fixed, the king has declared that he is clinging to the power.This is an utter deception. He is not willing to give up the power yet. This is only a cosmetic change and no one should believe in his words.

It is done only to manage the growing international pressure upon him. He should have cited article 128 by which a powerful PM could be appointed. He is not ready to bring the Maoist in mainstream politics which is the major concern of the people. He should have asked SPA to form an interim government that will eventually hold election for unconditional Constituent Assembly.

People sloganeering in the streets have voiced their concerns over kings deceptive steps.

Meanwhile, state has extended curfew from 8pm to 12 o’clock.

Rajendra Pande, central member of CPN (UML) says : This is a treachery. The movement will go on unless power is handed over to the people.

Upper House MP and lawyer Radheshyam Adhikari comments: This so called solution can not stop people from reaching their goal of loktantra.

Proclamation to the Nation from His Majesty King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev
7(21 April 2006)

Beloved Countrymen,

You are all aware that, given the situation prevailing in the country then, we were compelled to take the decision of 1 February 2005 to set in motion a meaningful exercise in multiparty democracy by activating all elected bodies, ensuring peace and security and a corruption-free good governance through the collective wisdom, understanding and the united efforts of all the Nepalese. By supporting our decision, the Nepalese people made amply clear their desire for peace and democracy and the civil servants demonstrated sincerity towards their duties. We are appreciative of this. We also have high regard for the dutifulness, valour and discipline displayed by the security personnel, upholding their glorious traditions.

By visiting different parts of the country, we made honest endeavours to acquaint ourselves with the hopes and aspirations of our people, mitigate their hardships and boost their morale. We also called on the political parties to enter into a dialogue in the interest of the nation and people afflicted by violence and terrorism. However, this did not materialise. The ideals of democracy can be realised only through the active participation of political parties. In keeping with the traditions of the Shah Dynasty to reign in accordance with the popular will in the greater interest of the nation and people and our unflinching commitment towards Constitutional Monarchy and multiparty democracy, we, through this Proclamation, affirm that the Executive Power of the Kingdom of Nepal, which was in our safekeeping, shall, from this day, be returned to the people and be exercised in accordance with Article 35 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal – 1990. As the source of Sovereign Authority is inherent in the people, harmony and understanding must be preserved in the interest of the nation and people in an environment of peace and security. While safeguarding multiparty democracy, the nation must be taken ahead along the road of peace and prosperity by bringing into the democratic mainstream those who have deviated from the constitutional path. Similarly, a meaningful exercise in democracy must be ensured with the activation of representative bodies through elections as soon as possible. We, therefore, call upon the Seven Party Alliance to recommend a name, for the post of Prime Minister, at the earliest for the constitution of the Council of Ministers which will bear the responsibility of governing the country in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal – 1990. The present Council of Ministers will continue to function until the appointment of the Prime Minister.

May Lord Pashupatinath bless us all!

Jaya Nepal!

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231 thoughts on “King's Deceptive Message

  1. If he won’t give up power, we’ll have to drag him out and make him give it up then. Drag him out in his pajamas.

    I think even the RNA is ticked off now. You think those guys want to keep fighting all the time? Frankly, we should try to influence them now. Let him know that he’s not the only one who can play divide and rule.

  2. King Gyanendra wants to make us fool again. This speech was his attempt to calm down the widespread protest that is clearly threatning the very continuity of monarchy in Nepal. But this will not help him much. He should understand that Nepali people no longer accept his autocracy. They deserve freedom.

    Leaders of the alliance, be aware. Don’t reach at any kind of agreement with the king that will undermine Nepali peoples’s desire of freedom. No compromise on democracy (loktantra) and election to constituent assembly. Otherwise, this protest will be directed toward you folks. Don’t fall in the trap of king.

  3. It is also time to test the dedication and committment of SPA. Whether they are able to unite at this phase is more important.

    Girija Prasad should not be allowed to use his kutil-niti and selfishness.

    In order for country to be brought back into track, the situation should be reverted back to as it was before Asoj 16, thus Last Democratically Elected Prime Minister, Sher Bahadur Deuba should be offered his rightful chance to become the PRIME MINISTER.

    As was the initial understanding of the SPA, Sher Bahadur Deuba may then reinstate Pratinidhi Sabha as per the decision of SPA.

    However, it may be wise to form a National Government comprising Severn Parties, whose main agenda should be to bring Maoists to the political mainstream.

  4. what else can King do ? He can only give up power to 7 Party.
    If you guys remember, he tried this 2 years ago too and then 7 party start fighting with themselfes and i think the same will happen again. leaders will start fighgint for PM post..

  5. People of Nepal! Go on with your protest and don’t stop until your wishes are true!
    This was a political and misleading speech!


  7. Well according to BBC when they wanted to know Girija’s view, he just didn’t want to make any comments. And this is just pissing me off. How couldn’t he ? Doesn’t he have any idea where he stands ? What they were fighting for ? Why he needs to consult with SPA leaders to say this king is maniac and NC will keep on fighting until the full democracy is there W I T H O U T the king

  8. Not enough! this is totally inadequate. The king is now trying to divide the power hungry SPA leaders and continue to be in charge albeit behind the scenes.

    No way! It’s not enough.

  9. People of Nepal are on the street for more than two weeks now asking for re-storation of complete democracy. More than 12 people have already died from the Royal government’s bullet and political leaders were sent to jail and some were kept for almost three months yet the King gives only 5 minutes address to the nation? It seems like he has not yet understood why the people are on the street. He is not going to buzz at all. We must continue our movement until monarchy is competely wiped out of Nepal. Nepal, a poor country don’t deserve to have an expensive, selfish and greedy king. GYANENDRA and his entire family must be dragged out of this country and only then we can start a new Nepal. A PRajatantrik Nepal.

    Let’s not stop our movement for complete democracy!

  10. “We are committed to multi-party democracy and a constitutional monarchy,” the king said in his address on Friday.

    “Executive power of the kingdom of Nepal, which was in our safekeeping, shall from this day be returned to the people.

    This is utter non-sense and crap. King thinks that we the people of this country are really fool.What he thinks? Does he think that he can take and give back power whenever he wants? Why constitution? He must know that people do not want any satus quo and they want change………
    He must address:
    New constitution
    Reinstatement of parliament
    and The Election of Constituent Assembly…….
    Unless he does so, There is no point of stopping the Present Janasagar.
    We want Republic state and He must understand This very clearly

  11. Don’t they have someone who’s at least in their 30s-40s to be the new prime minister? Everybody they elect is always old and has some kind of moral flaw. Girija person looks like he’s going to die any second, K Bhattarai is known to be an alcoholic and a womanizer, and Deuba’s taken mucho dinero from the gov and bought his wife jewelry with it. It’s not like the people from nepal don’t know this. Hell, I’m half way across the world and haven’t visited Nepal in years, and *I* still know this.

    Anyway, my reaction to the king’s speech is:

  12. If justice and peoples rights are to be restored then Sher Bahadur Deuba, as a representative of a SEVEN PARTY should be the next Prime Minister.

  13. To hell with Girija and his crooks. I think Gagan Thapa and co. will give some better answers. (Also, they might be able to draw some people.)

  14. I heard that Girija Koirala is trying to grab the seat of Prime Minister instead of giving it to Sher Bahadur or Madhav Kumar.

  15. C’mon, lives of 10 peoples in two weeks doesn’t deserve this. We want Peoples Republic of Nepal.

  16. It is a little and it is too late. It looks to me the cabinet can not reinstate Parliament even it wants. Without parliament the cabinet also can not clip the power of KG. Moreover there are other stake holders to take care off by SPA. They are MBs and India.

  17. I don’t understand why the leaders released from jail celebrate with vermilon and garlands and rejoice as if it was a great achievement, especially at a time when many people are dying and more are injured. Politician in Nepal, whether from NC or UML, are very opportunist and waiting for their turn to the hot seat.

  18. I think SPA should now take up the responsibility.

    I understand that there has been much of deception in the past. However, when the message is as clear as it is, we should not be just looking of pessimistic views.

    SPA should form a government:
    by Sher Bahadur Deuba as PM,
    K. P. Oli and RamChanrda Poudel as Deputy Prime Ministers
    and comprising of Ministers from all seven parties, the main agenda of which should be to bring Maoists into mainstream.

  19. KG thinks that RNA has done good job to maintain peace and the people had support his feb 1 decision. That sux man…! Really.

  20. We have to get the army on our side. That’s ALL that the thug ‘King’ has on his side. Frankly, if we can even sow a little discord, that would be all. If even a few people in the army revolt, it could lead to a major conflagaration.

  21. exactly deceived by wishing to stay in status quo. it is simply uacceptable. let ca decide the future of nepal. that will bring permanant peace in nepal.

  22. We seriously want Republic of Nepal……….Some leaders from students Union should be Next Prime Minister Like gagan thapa, Rajendra Rai, Biswo Prakash sharma, or someone like that……….My vote will go to Baburam Bhattarai, I think he will be the ideal choice……….But We should not agree in this point because what we want, we have not got yet.
    Ganatantra Jindabad.

  23. I am outta here. We can just rant here and do nothing else. Hope SPA will release their statement soon rtaher than taking Raja G seriously.

  24. Manan,

    The RNA is never going to revolt! They are the single most reason for the terrotorial and political integrity of this country.

  25. No time to rest yet. People must stay on the streets and correct the hasty (if any) leaders if they get fooled by this. Hope not.

    Yes, revival of parliament, maoists and const. assembly must be addressed before accepting any offer.
    All politically detained should be released unconditionally right now so that they can contribute to the SPA’s meeting.

  26. Here aresome people who think Sher Bdr should be PM etc. They are completely misled by KG. Small brains!! Going back to Sher’s time doesn’t help, can’t u see? We have to address maobadi issue, nepal ko garib janto ko issues . It’s not only about who becomes PM!! Phew, poor brains!!

  27. Sesyan Nepal,

    I heard you describe yourself as a clown before. That’s your role, friend. Don’t forget it.

  28. King has stepped one step forward by declearing power to people.
    SPA should grab this opportunity and name one PM as soon as possible.
    Everyone is very tired of this current situation.
    New PM can restore parliament and can bring CA if there is majority in parliament.
    Lets go for election.
    SPA should have peace talk with Maoists.
    We will vote this time.

  29. This is the last chance for SPA if they have best interest of the country at heart. Else they can go on demoralising the Army. Once the army is gone the Maoists would shoot them all the usurp the power.

    Don’t rely on your luck too much SPA, we have seen what an incompetent bunch you guys are.

  30. Let us try to be positive as well. Let us try to be realistic in what can be achieved. There are lot of issues that needs to be addresses however, first step is to give the power back to the people and remove all the bloody tyrants like Tulsi Giri and Kamal Thapa from power.

    SPA should come up to the expectations of Nepalese people and form a government ASAP headed by Sher Bahadur Deuba.

  31. this is not enough, this is incomplete speech, to disperse the demonstration by illusion.

    wht he has addressed, the demand to clinch of politicians, where is the answer to nepali ppl. where you have addressed these things:
    1. Moaist
    2. People killed in demonstration
    3. the status of army
    4. more important, what is the job of seven party after they form gov, wht power do they have over constitution

    I want to know:
    1. can this gov call mb to join gov
    2. can they annouce contitution assembly
    3. can they revive house of representative

    can anybody explain wht power this gov will have ? legal view.

    i am more interested to know about this

  32. Unless the RNA revolts, I don’t see how the people are going to get what they want. And why shouldn’t they revolt?

    They want money, like everybody else. IF the U.N doesn’t give them jobs, plus if money from abroad doesn’t keep coming in, what business have they to keep remaining in their role?

    Its not that difficult to get them to break ranks. Its happened elsewhere.

  33. Daer All,

    KG has not yet given up his greedy desire to stick in the power. The royal speech is again another kind of betrayal. Girija and et may betray the people’s movement in the name of reconcilation. Beware of it. We should not accept anything less than constituent assembly.

  34. Recent Speech by the king is just yet another ploy to derail the peoples movement .How can king talk about giving up executive powers when theres curfew imposed and extended in the city .Five hours ago two leaders of SPA were arrested from the airport. Lets not just go by his words.His intentions are not at all good. The Nepali word “Naaso” that he used to don’t by any way addresses what people in the streets are demanding .

  35. And where are Maoists ??? Where do they all stand in the new equation? They never wanted this, did they ? Does it mean that SPA and M are going to fight each other now ? haha .. no not a very good scenario.

  36. Khabardar!!!

    If the leaders fall to Gyane’s trap and start the dog fight to become PM then it will be another even more violent massive massive andolan to sweep the floor and cleanse it from not only Gyane, Kamale, Tulse etc. but also Girije, Makune, Shere etc.

    We must not stop until we have a complete democracy with republic. No more playing with poor Nepali’s soul.

    Those 10 people didn’t die in vien. The leaders have more moral responsibility than the Maoists for they sent those people to die without any arms unlike Maoists who atleast send their cadres armed to confront the armed forces. Nihattha janatako ragat ko bal ma sasan kasaile ganra chahancccha vanye tesko mulya pani bhujhnu parchha.

  37. If anyone has the country’s best interest at heart, they’ll chase the king out of the country. Looking at him, he looks like he can’t run for 10 minutes without getting out of breath.

    He could use the exercise. 😛 And I’m sure plenty of Nepalese people want to chase him out. It’s a win win situation.

  38. Who is Gyanendra to ask for the name of the Prime Minister? He should first give up the power and Nepali people will decide who their prime minister will be. He should get himself out of the whole process. Period.

  39. I think this is a difficult choice for the SPA leaders. I guess the people will not be easy with the decision if SPA decides to form a government.
    However, I believe all should come into a consensus including the maoists.

  40. Yes Definitely This is the last chance for SPA if they mess up this time they all will be killed by NEPALI JANATA.

    SPA should not be puppet of india and usa.

    CNN has said clearly” New PM should have BLESSINGS OF INDIA”

  41. Let’s see if GP, MKN, SBD can come up with a name.. last time these greedy bunch fought among themselves and could not agree on one name. History may repeat it self.

  42. and can they arrest all the present members of council of ministers including chairman, police officers, army officers, etc who ordered to shot the citizens in peaceful demonstration before they flee country.

    if not i am again in the street, whole nepali must b in street.

    we warn SPA make us clear.

  43. Facts fellas:

    Gyanendra is still going to be in Narayanhiti, while Girija and other loosers are going to fight tooth and nail for the PM seat! Ha! Ha!.

  44. Sher Bahadur is the Jhumra ko putali and most incompetent person in this world………..Gagan Thapa or baburam must be PM and at the time of taking PMship, yhey must declare what they are going to do
    Revival of Old Parliament
    Talk with Maoist
    Government(interim) to hold constituent assembly election
    punishment to all the RNAs and police and thapa and Giris for committing Human Right Violations

  45. hey mr earth from third world

    King said clearly Power of people back to People.
    Its now the responsibility of SPA to bring maoists to talk.

  46. No way Deuba can be PM. He can be manipulated to easily. I personally think he’s one of the greatest enemy of democracy ( along with few other SPA leaders). We need someone who’s strong & can’t be swayed by King (& other power centres). probably Narhari Acharya…. (gagan is a bit 2 young, maybe few years later).

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