Chabahil Protests on Photos

Demonstrators are going on in Nepal for democracy and the Chabahil today is an example what’s going on in the country

By Todd Krainin

The spirit for demonstration for democracy is not less. Continue reading Chabahil Protests on Photos

General Strike Day XI

UWB! Team

Evening Updates

Chabahil, 6PM

Right now, student leader Gagan Thapa is addressing the mass that staged peaceful protest in the non-prohibited area. Here’s a quick update between 4:30 t0 6 PM:

In Chabahil a huge mass was singing with madals and chanting slogans. Human Rights acivists and monitors were watching the event. Police blocked the protesters from entering the probited area. A number of attempts were made to foil it, but all in vain. The protesters were mostly youths. Kantipur scribe Balaram Baniya commented that the Chabahil protests have come to the attention of media only lately. NC leader Bal Bahadur KC was leading the mass. A while later, the protesters sang the famed song Gaun Gaun bata utha (Wake up from village). The security forces were dispersing the bystanders. Most of them standing inside Ring Road were chased away. Continue reading General Strike Day XI

Newars For Nepal Democracy Movement

UWB received this statement from Maheswor Shrestha of NESOCA Nepal.

Newar Solidarity Campaign Nepal


With conspiracies and stratagems, the feudal and regressive elements crushed in October 2002 the limited democracy brought about in Nepal with the sacrifice of hundreds of people in the 1990 United People’s Movement. Nepal is now entailing the dictatorial and repressive regime of the absolute monarchy that emerged with the backing of military in February 2005. A United People’s Peaceful Movement has been waged on April 6, 2006 for democracy and against the regime which, with the rampant misuse of military forces, has come down heavily upon the movement by seriously injuring thousands and killing several demonstrators. Newar Solidarity Campaign Nepal (NESOCA Nepal) strongly opposes and vehemently condemns the brutal and savage suppression of the demonstrators by the regime and strongly demands with it (1) to immediately put an end to such cruel suppression, (2) to adequately and immediately indemnify those killed and injured in the movement, and (3) to release without delay all political prisoners including Newar leaders Padma Ratna Tuladhar, Malla K. Sunder, Rajendra Shrestha, Navin Chitrakar, Shyam Shrestha, Dr. Mathura P. Shrestha, Shambhu B. Shrestha and others arrested in the movement. As liberation, equality and autonomy for discriminated nationalities can be had only in democracy, NESOCA Nepal expresses its hearty solidarity with the ongoing movement. NESOCA Nepal also strongly demands with the agitating Seven-Party Alliance and other forces of the movement to make a public announcement without delay that the objective of the movement is also to restructure Nepal into a federal state with freedom, equality and autonomy for all indigenous nationalities. Continue reading Newars For Nepal Democracy Movement