Wishing for Peaceful 2063

Peace loving Nepalis gather at Maitighar Mandala every first day of Nepali month to remember the victims of the violence

By Ujjwal Acharya

1269 – the number was written on the white banner with ‘we will always remember you’ written beneath it. Just below the banner, the candles make out the number. And that’s the number of Nepali who lost their lives due to the ongoing violence in the country last year. A handful of people hold the burning candles wishing for peace. Continue reading Wishing for Peaceful 2063

General Strike Day IX Updates

Seven Party Alliance (SPA) vows to continue the people’s movement more strongly amidst call from the King for dialogue

By UWB! Team

King Gyanendra called the political parties for dialogue in his New Year’s message but the leaders of the various political parties called it ‘old wine in old bottle’ claiming that the call keep ‘no meaning’ to the ongoing people’s movement. Continue reading General Strike Day IX Updates

Nepal in the Throes of Transformation

By Deepak Adhikari

Last Saturday evening, as I was scanning through Huntington’s Who Are We, I heard sloganeering near my residence at Ghattekulo. Some twenty teenagers, most of them from the neighborhood, were chanting pro-democracy slogans. That made the denizens living in the cozy rooms of Ghattekulo, come out of their slumber and watch what’s happening, if not identify with that spectacular event. I accompanied them for a while, not chanting slogans but trying to decipher who they could be in the darkness of engulfing night. Continue reading Nepal in the Throes of Transformation

Talking About Nepali New Year

A few questions related to the importance and relevance of Bikram Sambat to Nepal and the Nepalese people.

By Maheswor Shrestha
Thought of the day

The 2063rd year of Bikram Sambat is approaching closer and we are going to welcome and celebrate its New Year day with certain activities.

The Nepalese people use more than one calendar and celebrate their New Year days accordingly. Nepal has a unique lunar calendar by its own name, Nepal Sambat. Its current year is 1126. We celebrated this year’s New Year day on November 2, 2006 with great pomp and jubilation. We also celebrate Buddha Sambat in honor of great champion of peace and non-violence. We celebrated New Year day of the Gregorian calendar on January 1, 2006 with great enthusiasm, by virtue of being Christians or influenced by the western culture or life style or just for merry making. Various indigenous peoples of Nepal of Mongol stock also celebrated Lhotsars (New Year days) with their traditional cultural activities, fun and feast. Now, it is the New Year day of the Bikram Sambat we are going to celebrate. Continue reading Talking About Nepali New Year