General Strike Day IX Updates

Seven Party Alliance (SPA) vows to continue the people’s movement more strongly amidst call from the King for dialogue By UWB! Team King Gyanendra called the political parties for dialogue in his New Year’s message but the leaders of the various political parties called it ‘old wine in old bottle’ claiming that the call keepContinue reading “General Strike Day IX Updates”

Nepal in the Throes of Transformation

By Deepak Adhikari Last Saturday evening, as I was scanning through Huntington’s Who Are We, I heard sloganeering near my residence at Ghattekulo. Some twenty teenagers, most of them from the neighborhood, were chanting pro-democracy slogans. That made the denizens living in the cozy rooms of Ghattekulo, come out of their slumber and watch what’sContinue reading “Nepal in the Throes of Transformation”