General Strike Day VIII Updates

Government instruct Cable Operators to stop airing Kantipur Television as the mobile services resumed

By UWB! Team

[7:00PM] State Minister for Communication Shrish Shamsher Rana called all cable operators for a meeting and asked them not to air Kantipur Television through their cable. Most of the cable operators have already stopped airing the channel.

Meanwhile, Nepal Sports Journalists Forum (NSJF) has issued a press release demanding immediate restoration of press freedom and expressing solidarity with the protest programs of Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ). NSJF has also condemned government decision to use the stadium and covered hall as the detention center and has asked to stop politicizing sports sector. Continue reading General Strike Day VIII Updates

Trigger-happy Police Shoot at Lawyers

In yet another bizarre incident of brutality, security forces opened fire at lawyers in Nepal

By Kiran Chapagain

Though the firing of bullets donated by the US and the Indian governments is a common scene in Nepal, I had not imagined that the trigger-happy police of King Gyanendra, would fire at a peaceful silent rally of lawyers.

But the mad police, who fired at peaceful poem recitation program of poets the other day, did fire at lawyers who were holding a peaceful rally.

When I entered the Nepal Bar Association premises, there were four polive vans. I was thinking that the police would arrest all the lawyers. I had not even imagined that the mad police of Gyanenrda, who prefers to see people being killed in the street to live up his super ego, will fire at lawyers without prior warning. Continue reading Trigger-happy Police Shoot at Lawyers