General Strike Day VII Updates

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The mass meet announced by SPA to condole the four martyrs of ongoing agitation was foiled by security forces today afternoon.

[4:15PM] by UWB! Team
1:30, Bir Hospital

Journos were already gathered. Security personnel were dispersing the pedestrians. Protesters including the staff of the hospital were shouting slogans. Protesters came to the streets and started shouting pro-democratic slogans. Security forces started baton charging and arresting them. NC leader Shashanka Koirala and others were arrested. Continue reading General Strike Day VII Updates

Curfew Monologues

By ZaDed

It is 5:15 pm on my table clock. The news just got over. Thank God! The anchor added: “We’ll be back with the 6 o’clock news soon.” 6 o’clock news. The hell with all the news channels. I am bored to death, sick of being given every minute details of what is going on in the country of invalids. Why the hell did I tune to in the first place? I could have chosen something else.

Choices, there are never enough choices when you belong to the privileged class who can be choosy! What could I do when the RJ was telling me the name of some dogs of the hell of Balwan Khan My Son and My Jaan. Give me a break! I literally want to hurl my speakers out of the window. And peering into my computer screen is not helping, either. Again it is BBC, Charles Haviland reporting from the capital. I am supposed to be looking after my little cousin in my room, but just a while ago caught the sight of her smeared by a permanent marker. There is nothing I can do now; I wish I were a baby ignorant of everything around me. Ignorance is bliss. Continue reading Curfew Monologues