What Happened in Gongabu?

Armed police fired more than hundred rounds of real bullets as the bloodiest people-police clash at Gongabu injured more than 130, some of whom are serious

Gongabu was as of yesterdays tense. The scuffle between people and police was going on.

During one of the chasing, two of the demonstrators entered a house. They didn’t know who owned the house. When they were inside, the house keepers set a dog free and tried to beat the demonstrators. The two came out and told the others what happened inside. Continue reading What Happened in Gongabu?

April 11 Photos

People-police clashed at Gongabu where armed police force fired more than 100 rounds of real bullets injuring more than 130

Photos by Shruti Shrestha & Santosh Acharya

The usual beginning. Continue reading April 11 Photos

Republicanism Inevitable


The way chairman Gyanendra is responding, by acting to be oblivious, to the people’s movement has cleared all the doubts, if there were any, about the king’s commitment toward the people.

Hearing the people’s pleas and making them hear his opinion has been the mantra of King Gyanendra right from the days he ascended the throne in a rather suspicious fashion. Continue reading Republicanism Inevitable

State Plays Dirty Game

Home Minister Kamal Thapa and the state is trying to prove that there is Maoists infiltration in the demonstrations. The state-own Nepal Television, Radio Nepal and Gorkhapatra are using the Maoists press release to prove their point.

NTV even interviewed four people who said they were Maoists and brought to Kathmandu for demonstration. The goverement claimed the Maoists even fired bullets in Kathmandu. But what about this? Do the state has any clarification on this news: ARMY INFILTRATES RALLY. Continue reading State Plays Dirty Game