Don't Be Ruthless, Please!

Police is entering citizen’s houses; dragging people out of it and ruthlessly baton charging them. Even the television clips of a few policemen beating a demonstrator continuously is heart-aching

By Ujjwal Acharya

Everything is fair in love and war; but what’s going on in Nepal these days is not war. It’s a movement for the betterment of all Nepalis and no doubt, though police and people are on two sides of clashes they shouldn’t forget that they are on their duty (police on professional duty and people on citizen’s duty) and should at least not try to go beyond the humanity. Continue reading Don't Be Ruthless, Please!

General Strike Day IV Updates

[11:00pm] The situation I witnessed while returning from my office to home was disheartening. At least there were 10 such places where the demonstrators have put on fire and other disturbances. It was not more than 2km and it is impossible for any four wheeler to pass the road. Continue reading General Strike Day IV Updates