General Strike Day III Updates

A demonstrator was shot dead in Pokhara while people in Kathmandu defied the curfew orders. The nation witnessed the biggest protest so far

Since the curfew is on around, I am, as many others, passing time by watching television. Television news has become the source of information on what’s happening in the city (other than watching around my house from the roof).

Bhimsen Dahal, 32, has been shot dead in Pokhara. Dahal was killed after armyman at sentry-post of Nepal Telecom office fired at the rally. Two others, Gangadhar Baral and Roshan Gurung, were injured in the firing. Continue reading General Strike Day III Updates

The Kaushaltar Story

Kaushaltar, a urban village on the Arniko Highway between Bhaktapur and Kathmandu, is witnessing a unprecedented incidents of protest and police-people scuffle; an example of how people are uprising for fight for democracy

By Ujjwal Acharya

Kaushaltar was never an unlikely place. In 1990 AD too, during popular movement, there were a few incidents like vandalizing of village development office. That’s probably because Kaushaltar is a bit politically aware due to late Jagnath Acharya, who was one of the commanders in 1990 and also because it’s a hub that nexus other villages around. People of Kaushaltar and adjoining Lokanthali, Balkot and Ghatthaghar have always been politically aware. Continue reading The Kaushaltar Story

Curfew! Clashes! Communication cut-off!

For 11 hours, from 10am to 9pm on Saturday, people in three districts of the Kathmandu Valley will live under the curfew the state has imposed to quash the scheduled mass rally against the King. The cellular mobile service has also been cut off.

Before the curfew began this morning, people protested at many places including Kirtipur, Baneshwor, Balaju and Maitidevi areas (as far as I am informed) burning tyres and all on the road. At my Kaushaltar area, protested for more than two hours and rallied around before vandalizing temporary police post.

The police controlled the situation after firing at least half-a-dozen tear-gas shell and a rubber-bullet on air. Now the roads are deserted except for military and police patrolling.

At Kaushaltar, I participated in the protest and all and the participation of the people was surprising (at least for me). I will come up with the detail account of the incidents in and around Kaushaltar later.

Listening Clinton Speech in LA

UWB Note: Nepali blogging in UCLA. See this page.

By Dinesh Wagle
Saturday Blog
Wagle Street Journal, American Edition

“Waw..,” she couldn’t hide her excitement. She was constantly saying “wow”and “waou” and “hum” as he was speaking about the relationship of private citizens in public life. I don’t know who she was but I could easily guess she was an American woman in the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion of Los Angeles’s famous Music Center “Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County”. And the speaker was Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States. People had gone there buying tickets just to listen to what Clinton had to say. I was privileged enough to have a complimentary ticked as I am traveling to the United States as a guest of the State Department. Humm… After staying in Washington DC about four days I am in the city of LA. Traffic? Even my friend who lives in San Francisco and Palm Springs found it difficult to navigate through all those entrance and exits of Free Ways and Highways. Touched the sea water for the first time in life in Santa Monica Beach and went to Hollywood. Yea, went to the Mc Donald’s in DC and had a Big Mac but I am not thinking of going back again. Went to an American house, saw the lifestyle. Went with an American youngster and interacted about the young life in America. Continue reading Listening Clinton Speech in LA