Kirtipur & Patan Through Lens

Patan and Kirtipur witnessed the biggest protest on the second day of the General Strike

Photo Blog by Raja Ram Gautam
Tinkune Photos by Deepak Adhikari


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Royal Madness


Three events that took place in three different districts in Nepal on Wednesday reflect the bizarre status and tragedy of Nepali politics.

King Gyanendra, accompanied by Queen Komal and surrounded by army men, busied himself in a state-orchestrated road show in Bhairawa. Protected by an umbrella held by security men to ward off the sweltering heat, the king signed autographs for school children while the queen looked on, her lips poised between a smile and curiosity. Continue reading Royal Madness

General Strike Day II Updates

Are Nepali people ready to fight for democracy? It was debatable as many of them chose to ‘watch and decide’ but on the second day of General Strike it looked like finally the people are fed up with the royal rule

The protests have grown more violent as the activist torched vehicles and at many places resisted police force by hurling stones at them. At Kirtipur, people declared the city ‘police prohibited area’ and have stopped police from entering the city for more than two hours.

The latest news from Kirtipur is that the police have advanced into the protesters’ area and are chasing them away.

A police officer was beaten badly by the people and has to be rushed to hospital. During the two hours of protests, the police have fired a few dozens of tear-gas shells to disperse the people but without much success. Continue reading General Strike Day II Updates