General Strike Day I Diary

Day 1 of four-day General Strike paralyzed lives in Nepal closing down the capital and transportation as protesters playing ‘catch me if you can’ game with police By Ujjwal Acharya The morning was as beautiful as usual. It looked all normal sans the rush of traffic and noise of blowing horns. People leisurely strolling around;Continue reading “General Strike Day I Diary”

On Photos: April Uprising I

The first-day of four-day General Strike saw closures, protests and police clampdowns Photo Essay By Saroj Raj Adhikari It was a story of make and break. The only debate was who were trying to make and who were trying to break. Protesters were burning tyres, policemen extinguishing them; protesters were chanting slogans, policemen were chasingContinue reading “On Photos: April Uprising I”

Maoists Attack on Sarlahi

Maoist rebels attacked Magalawa, the district headquarters of Sarlahi, kidnapping a few including Chief District Officer Bodh Raj Adhikari; army helicopter ‘crashed/gunned’ down Reports, yet to be confirmed officially, said that at least five security personnel, three rebels and two civilians were killed while the rebels attacked Magalawa, the district headquarters of Sarlahi. The rebelsContinue reading “Maoists Attack on Sarlahi”