LOCKED Future!

via ekantipur.comWhile his peers tread towards schools with a heavy bag and a pencil in their hands, five-year-old Sandeep Karki tries to recite A B C D inside a cell of the Morang District.

Kantipur daily has a heart-touching story of the son of an inmate, who was reportedly raped by policeman Pradeep Kumar Shah, on their front page of today’s edition.

Sita Karki was charged of the murder of an epileptic porter Kul Bahadur Karki at Katari during their journey from Khotang to Udayapur. Sita claimed she was imprisoned because she couldn’t produce Rs. 4000 bribe for the police as other porters of the group did for their release.

Sita was raped while she was taken out from the jail for treatment. In Siraha Court’s verdict, Shah was found guilty but as he went to appellate court, Sandeep’s birth registration has not been accepted. Due to this, he couldn’t be admitted in SOS Village (School) in Itahari where he could have lived a better life.

Read the story in Nepali here.