Interests of Power Centers

Amidst growing maneuvers of International power centers to serve their interest, the political situation of Nepal is getting volatile. It seems there is hardly a meting point among those power centers. Analysis by Tilak Pathak The Seven Party Alliance (SPA) have declared four-day long general strike beginning April 6. And the government has made itContinue reading “Interests of Power Centers”

April Uprising: What to Expect?

April 6 onwards, the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) has announced a four-day general strike and a ‘big’ rally. The government has vowed to foil the protest programs. What will happen? By Ujjwal Acharya The general expectations of mass are: the mobile services (or maybe telephone service) will be disrupted; the imposition of curfew and aContinue reading “April Uprising: What to Expect?”