Monitoring Leaders From The Streets

In front of Singha Durbar: Nepali people are constantly pressurizing to their leaders who have assumed the responsibility of fulfilling their aspirations. Pics by Wagle The best thing about democracy is that it lets people have their say. Another hallmark is that the folks at the government can’t stop people from raising their voices. HereContinue reading “Monitoring Leaders From The Streets”

The Royal Disconnect: Monarchy in Nepal

Why Nepali people hate monarchy? UWB received this article from Zhao Mei. And we enjoyed reading this. There will be many postmortems on the decayed cadaver of the royal Rana and Shah families. The clause in the 1990 constitution of Nepal that bars criticism of the royal family and effectively places them above the lawContinue reading “The Royal Disconnect: Monarchy in Nepal”

किन यस्तो घृणा राजाप्रति ?

Changing the National Anthem (that sings the song of the kings) and renaming His Majesty’s Government to the Government of Nepal might seem like cosmetic changes. But these proposed changes symbolize Nepali peoples’ deep hatred to Monarchy. An article in Nepali: दिनेश वाग्ले वाग्ले स्ट्रिट जर्नल संसदको पुनस्थापनासँगै देखिएको हर्सोल्लासले देशमा प्रजातन्त्र पुनर्वहाली भएको भानContinue reading “किन यस्तो घृणा राजाप्रति ?”

Historic House Session Begins in Nepalese Capital

Yes, this is real: As their leaders were discussing the future of Nepal inside the Parliament building in Singha Durbar, pro-democracy people ghearoed the country’s administrative center (where parliament house is located) to pressurize parliamentarians to take bold steps for constituent assembly. Activists went up to the statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah, who according toContinue reading “Historic House Session Begins in Nepalese Capital”

Maoists Rally In Kathmandu

The banner reads: Shahi ghosana dhoka ho [Royal proclamation is a Betrayal]. Maoist student organization is organizing a mass meeting in the heart of Kathmandu as we are writing these lines. Rallies from different parts of the city have reached Khula Manch, the mass meeting venue. Pics by Wagle Shahid ko ragat ke bhanchha GanatantraContinue reading “Maoists Rally In Kathmandu”

From Boston to Karachi: Down With Autocracy

The protests against king’s autocratic rules and solidarity for the restoration of democracy defied boundaries. Be it Pakistanis in Karanchi or the Nepali students in Boston, the voice was one: Down With Autocracy A rally at Karachi Press Club in April 26 to show solidarity with the people of Nepal in the support for theContinue reading “From Boston to Karachi: Down With Autocracy”

Is Monarchy Relevant for Nepal? (Part III)

This is the last part of the article that proceeds debate on the necessity/relevance of monarchy in Nepal at a time when the country is heading for Constituent Assembly. By Mahesh Poudyal The culture of monarchy What answer do you get/expect to get if you ask a British or other European who has a constitutionalContinue reading “Is Monarchy Relevant for Nepal? (Part III)”