Making Joke of Democracy!

Neither the King nor his ministers have forgotten in any instance of speech talking about democracy. They always reiterate there is democracy. But the problem is that when they talk about democracy, their acts make it look like mocking democracy, rather making democracy a joke.

Latest of the ‘democratic move’ being the seizure of communication equipment from Madhav Kumar Nepal, the general secretary of Nepal Communist Party (UML) and his brother’s house. Their houses were searched without a warrant and telephones, fax and computer seized without a reason.
(Photo via eKantipur) Continue reading Making Joke of Democracy!

Journalists’ Solidarity for Press Freedom

Nepali journalists on solidarity show in Kathmandu

More than 200 hundreds of journalists gathered at Maitighar, Kathmandu today showing solidarity for press freedom. Members of International Mission to study Nepal’s media situation too participated in the show.

Stop control over the press, restore press freedom: the banners reads. Continue reading Journalists’ Solidarity for Press Freedom

Tortured at Police HQ, Arrested at Media House

In a bizarre case, policemen arrested a justice-seeking policeman from the library of Kantipur Publications

At around 4:00pm, police sub-inspector Hum Bahadur Bagale entered Kantipur Publications office in an appearance that would have forced many to take him as a mad man. Half of his hair was shaved and his police shirt and trousers muddy. Continue reading Tortured at Police HQ, Arrested at Media House

Parties, Maoists Agree to Disagree

Discussions will continue on the roadmap to the election of constituent assembly

Okay, the decision has been made. Verdict has been out. The pro-democracy Seven Party Alliance has reached a brand new agreement with the underground Maoist Party (wait and don’t get excited. The groundbreaking 12-point understanding signed by both sides in November 22 still in effect and there is nothing dramatically new in the second version). Today’s meeting of top Alliance leaders in Kathmandu decided to publicize the second understanding. I am in possession of two Press Releases jointly signed by the top leaders of the alliance Girija Prasad Koirala (Nepali Congress), Amrit Kumar Bohora (CPN UML), Sher Bahadur Deuba (NC Democratic), Lilamani Pokharel (Janamorcha Nepal), Narayanman Bijukchhe (Nepal Majdoor Kishaan Party), Rajendra Mahato (Nepal Sadbhavana Party) and Nanda Kumar Prasain (Samyukta Bammorchha) and issued this afternoon. The first one, not the agreement, says: Continue reading Parties, Maoists Agree to Disagree

Nepal Yatayat, Maoist Comrades and Today’s Youths

Teenager’s Talk: A Kathmandu girl writes how it feels to be a member of youth brigade in today’s Nepal. “[B]eing a youth in Nepal is a problem in itself,” she says. “In the villages you are the perfect choice for the so called People’s Army (where the person is never given the choice). In cities, the exposure results in making you over ambitious, you dream too big everyone remarks. When the reality is even an MA doesn’t fetch you a job.”

By Zade 15

[UWB Note: Recently, a popular Kathmandu transportation service Nepal Yatayat halted its operations for a few days after receiving threats from the underground Maoist Party. Thousands of people in the city were seriously affected. That incident triggered the blogger, a regular commuter of Nepal Yatayat, to write this article.]

I have a history with Nepal Yatayat!

Sounds a little out of the ordinary but couldn’t think of anything closer to the truth than this. It all began some four years ago, freshly out of school (10 yrs of bordered life) after S.L.C which was around the same time Nepal Yatayat began its services. NY was my first acquaintance with public transportation services in the valley. So I have gone through all the stages of development of this popular NY Services: the supersonic NY (which resulted in a nasty experience of me falling into a puddle of dirty water as I got off the bus, the fateful day I got my Citizenship), the snail paced bus everyone complained about and as of some days ago the most efficient transportation in Kathmandu. And my experience as a regular commuter of the bus for the last two years and a frequent one before that portrays NY as a world of its own. Continue reading Nepal Yatayat, Maoist Comrades and Today’s Youths

Echoes of Painful Nepali Society

A Nepali doctor living in Australia pens his debut novel

By Deepak Adhikari
Saturday Blog

Ravi Thapaliya, the writer of Echoes of Pain
Ravi Thapaliya, the writer of Echoes of Pain

In an age of increasing numbers of reading (also buying, I guess) communities, a good book doesn’t remain long in the shelves of bookstores. But, not so in Nepal. When I fished out a novel called Echoes of Pain from inside Sajha Prakashan’s book stall at Bhrikutimandap, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu, it had already gathered few layers of dust. Its author, I would discover later, is a handsome but slightly plump (I noticed his increasing lovehandles in the pics) doc with chubby cheeks, currently being trained in medical rehabilition in Down Under. Born in a farmer’s family in Chaturale, Nuwakot, Ravi Thapaliya,40, did his latter half of schooling from Shanti Vidhya Griha High School in Lainchour; and went to Amrit Science College (popularly known as Ascol) to study science. He completed his MBBS from Teaching Hospital, TU. And, in his early 40s, his literary talent surfaced with a brilliant piece of art. Continue reading Echoes of Painful Nepali Society

Why They Are Jailed? Free Them!

Civil Society Discussion

Demanding the release of Nepal’s top civil society activistsPics by Wagle

Constitutional experts, human rights leaders and journalists have questioned the government motive behind continued detention of civil society leaders Dr Mathura Prasad Shrestha, Dr Devendra Raj Panday, Krishna Pahadi and Shyam Shrestha even after the Supreme Court termed hundreds of detentions of leaders on January 19 as unlawful. Continue reading Why They Are Jailed? Free Them!

Political Meeting and Deuba Jokes

A top level meeting of Nepal’s political leaders that was supposed to discuss the prospects of 12-point understanding with Maoists ended as a kid’s joke party: ‘Idiot’ Deuba Stole The Show

By Tilak Pathak

When former Prime Minister and Nepali Congress (Democratic) President Sher Bahadur Deuba arrived at the Koirala Residence this afternoon to participate in the Seven Party meeting, he was in a light mood. He, who reached the house of Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala at 3:45 PM, started cracking jokes with people who were already present there. He greeting with the Lal Salam (red salute) to Communist leaders and Jaya Nepal to Congress folks. He repeated the greetings even inside the meeting hall. After greetings, he wanted to talk about the ongoing visit of Chinese vice-premier. “Confusion about Chinese concept ended,” he said. “Now, it’s become clear.”

“How?” eager journalists instantly threw a question to Deuba. The former Prime Minster replied, “Chinese are saying that all political forces should unite.” Then it was the turn of Chakra Bastola, a Nepali Congress leader, to ask the question. “Who are those forces?” Before we could hear Deuba speaking, Rajendra Pandey, a Central Member of Nepal Communist Party (UML) intervened. He said that those forces should be known. Deuba didn’t respond. Continue reading Political Meeting and Deuba Jokes

Kathmandu Activities

1. Protesting for the release of Madhav Nepal 2. Two prominent leaders released. 3. Students take out rally protesting price hike and autocratic monarchy.

Students took out a rally protesting recent price hike in petrochemical products and the autocratic monarchy.

Students took out a rally protesting recent price hike in petrochemical products and autocratic monarchy. The rally that started from Amrit Science College (ASCOLL) turned into a corner meeting in Ason and was addressed by a few student leaders who condemned the monarchy and the price hike at the same time. Plus, they also demanded democracy. Pics by Shruti Shrestha via Kantipur Continue reading Kathmandu Activities

Responding to the Padma Sundar Lawati Interview

After watching pro-government leader on Nepal Television, a UWB reader reacts… [Padma Sundar Lawati is a leader of the breakaway faction of RPP that is headed by Home Minister Kamal Thapa. At the time of breakup, it was widely assumed that Lawati would be the chairman of the new party. But in a surprise move, Kamal Thapa emerged out as the leader sidelining Lawati. It was believed that Dr. Tulsi Giri’s hand was behind that surprise- UWB]

By Amod Niroula

The state run Nepal Television has always been or forced to be a monotonous mouthpiece of the ruling few in Kathmandu. This is a response to a television interview given by Mr. Padma Sundar Lawati in the state owned television the other night. The views expressed by him, I thought, were intended to please the ruling the class and had a tone that would make any democratic person go to a spin. On point to point basis, I would like to remind Mr. Lawati why and where he and possibly the government are going wrong in understanding the present political situation.

1. The king is the only unifying factor of Nepali.

Ok! This is what we have been studying since our school days. If, I was still a child innocent of my country’s history, I would believe it. But I am not. Are we Neapli really that weak that if (hypothetically) there were no monarchy, we would be divided? More divided than we are now? Yes, we were unified as one by His Majesty the King (Bada Maharaj) Prithvi Narayan Shah some 200 years ago. But, since then our (or rather the monarchy’s) history has been about nothing more than power struggles and bloodsheds. Do I need to remind you about the most recent one? Continue reading Responding to the Padma Sundar Lawati Interview