In Autocracy, Nepal Economy Goes Down

Renewing its warning issued a month ago, Kathmandu based economic watchdog Institute for Development Studies(IfDS) today said, ” While stagnant income and increasing inflation mean hardships for the ordinary people, capital flight points out that the future economic prospects of the country are bleak.” Here i s the complete text of the report disclosed by the organization:

The Economic Level and Directionafter February 2, 2006……

Institute for Development Studies(IfDS)

Executive Summary

1. After the publication of our report on February 20, a new wave of interest was shown by all on the state of Nepalese economy. But no improvements have been noticed yet in the overall performances of the economy. Instead, a number of new policies and programs initiated by the government in the recent past have helped the economy to deteriorate further. Against this background, it is not necessary to change the following hypothesis discussed in our first report:

(a) “In the lack of proper measures to improve the situation, the economy may fall together abruptly;”

(b) “If the present trend continues, the government may be financially bankrupt by the end of June”;

(c) “Once the economic problem is exploded, we will not have long time in the name of finding alternative programs. We will not be surprised if total anarchy prevails in the country….The national identity itself will be at stake”. Continue reading In Autocracy, Nepal Economy Goes Down

For the Final Assault: Nepali Democracy Movement

March 27 torchlight rally for the April demonstrations

Political parties have started campaigning for the April demonstrations. Pic by Prakash Mathema via Kantipur

Now that the programs for the grand protest against autocracy has been announced, Nepal’s political parties, supported by their sister organizations, have geared up for the BIG Decisive April Demonstrations. They have started rallying around the cities, sometime like in the photo above, carrying torches with them, to publicize the upcoming demos and telling people to be ready for the final assault against autocracy. Students associated with the Free Student’s Union at Tri-Chandra Campus organized a tourch-light rally in Maitidevi Temple this evening. Yesterday, parties organized a rally in Ason area and requested people for their support. Continue reading For the Final Assault: Nepali Democracy Movement