Gandhi Resignation, Indian Democracy and Nepali Politics

Not all things from India are suitable for copy but things like Sonia Gandhi’s giving up of two important posts and promising to go to people certainly qualify for imitating and implementing in Nepal.

By Dinesh Wagle

This is why, I think, the Indian Democracy rocks. People like Sonia Gandhi and Atal Bihari Bajpayee, stalwarts from the two opposing political parties, are there to save the Indian Democracy and push it upward as and when needed. Barely two years after she famously rejected the premiership of the world’s largest democracy, Sonia Gandhi, the president of India’s Congress Party today sacrificed two major posts- Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) and Presidency of the National Advisory Council. Even if this latest move turns out to be a part of the larger political drama, Sonia deserves praise for giving up greed and trusting the people power. She said that she will be fighting for the Parliament seat from her constituency (Rae Bareilly). Continue reading Gandhi Resignation, Indian Democracy and Nepali Politics

A Far Cry From America

SATURDAY BLOG by Deepak Adhikari

How do you feel when, one fine morning, your acquaintance comes up carrying a slim book of poetry collection with an abstract art in its cover? I, for one, was pleasantly surprised to find out that my teacher at Ratna Rajya Laxmi College, English Department, Mr. Hriseekesh Upadhyay has a penchant for poetry. I recalled him teaching Ted Hughes and Derek Walcott in our Postgraduate classes, but never knew he was clandestinely following their suits.

In the first week of March, his poetry collection In Love of America and Other Observations saw the light of the day. In fifty one pages, he has put together 30 poems; from half page long to 8-page long title poem. I confess: I’m still a novice in terms of technical aspects of poetry. I love reading them but can not fathom much beneath the surface. Not a review or anything, here’s just a primer: Continue reading A Far Cry From America