Looking For Ram Bahadur Bamjom, the Buddha Boy of Nepal

There is no Buddha Boy meditating under the Peepal Tree. Searching efforts have begun as Nepalis and interested people around the world question how this happened and where the 16-year-old Ram Bahadur Bomjam might have gone.

A photo blog by Upendra Lamichhane and Shankar Acharya

Look Ma, there is no Buddha Boy

Look Ma, there is no Buddha Boy. This is the first time in teh last 10 months that a scene like this could be seen under the peepal tree. Otherwise, there would be a boy apparently deeply meditating (see the photo below). He left the venue early Saturday night and hasn’t been seen in the area since then. Continue reading Looking For Ram Bahadur Bamjom, the Buddha Boy of Nepal


In The Name of Revolution

General people in Nepal are paying the price of the bloody war

Rolpali woman displaced by the Maoists

Many Internally Displaced People in Nepal are going through difficult situation like this woman in the photo. Nimakala Pun, 58, has been performing the same daily routine lively hood for the last eight years in Liwang, the headquarters of Rolpa districts. She is one of the many women and children displaced by the Maoists from villages of Rolpa. Nimkala’s house is in Mijhing village. Many Rolpali women are doing difficult jobs like carrying bricks in several brick factories in Kathmandu valley. Pic by J Pandey Continue reading In The Name of Revolution