Aerial Assault: Survivors' Images

Images from Nepal’s Arghakhachi District where civilians were injured in an army aerial attack against Maoist “terrorists”.

By Deepandra Baduwal

Arghakhachi aerial attack.ask Jeevan Gautam of Khidim VDC-8, Arghakhachi whose family members were injured
Surviving an Arial Assault: If you want to know how it feels to be the innocent victim of the ongoing conflict in the country, just ask Jeevan Gautam of Khidim VDC-8, Arghakhachi district. In an aerial attack launched by the army targeting the Maoists rebels down on the Earth, Jeevan’s second son died. No, no, no, he was not a Maoist. Jeevan’s other two sons, a daughter, a grandson and a granddaughter were injured in the incident. Now, after knowing all this, do you even need to ask him that question? Thank God, he has not been branded terrorist yet!

Arghakhachi aerial attack.81-year-old Bir Bahadur BK

Okay, he is 81-year-old Bir Bahadur BK, a local resident who was injured in the same aerial assault.

Arghakhachi aerial attack. Injured is 9-year-old child.

And she is 9-year-old child. Yes, look at her cheek. Injured in the same army action against the ‘terrorists’.

Arghakhachi aerial attack.Fortunately, this 85-year-old wasn't injured.

Fortunately, this 85-year-old wasn’t injured. She is pointing to that part of he house was got ‘injured’ by the bullets fired from above.