25 Words, Two Commas and a Fullstop

In Nepal, we agreed that the Maoists should abandon violence, and that the King should reach out to the political parties to restore democratic institutions. -George W Bush, President, The United States of America, at 13:10 P.M. NST, Mughal Garden, Hyderabad House, New Delhi, India. Source: The White House. By D Wagle, in Kathmandu, ofContinue reading “25 Words, Two Commas and a Fullstop”

बार र बेञ्चका सेतु

UWB Note: This blog in Nepali talks about the role of Supreme Court justice Anupraj Sharma as a pro-democracy judge. He was the chief guest of the national conference of Nepal Bar Association. सम्मेलनमा सर्बोच्चका न्यायाधिश अनुपराज शर्मा (दायाबाट दोस्रो) र नेपाल बारका अध्यक्ष शम्भू थापा । साथमा (बायाबाट पहिलो) सर्बोच्चका अर्का न्यायाधिश बलराम केसीContinue reading “बार र बेञ्चका सेतु”

Terror and Tourists in Pokhara

Yes, the life goes on… in Nepali style…and in foreign style. Despite all those bomb blasts and killings, it seems, life in Nepal turns into normalcy the day after… Take this example from Pokhara…The other day bombs exploded, civilians were injured…then the next day saw army folks painstakingly trying to defuse a fake bomb. TouristsContinue reading “Terror and Tourists in Pokhara”

Sideeffects of Conflict in Nepal

Bloody conflict in Nepal: Images from Palpa clash: 12 securitymen and 18 Maoists died in the incident. By Madhav Aryal Side Effects of the Conflict: She is Sita Dhakal, 10, of Parena VDC-5, Kopche. She lost consciousness after the fighting erupted in her neighborhood with huge sounds of explosions and firing in the border ofContinue reading “Sideeffects of Conflict in Nepal”