An Updated Report Of A Nepali Reporter

Birthday Blog. A reporter on his job in a changing political scenario of the country. By Dinesh Wagle “Are you pessimistic?” was one of her many questions that particularly put me in defensive position. “No, I am not,” was my instant reply. “I am not pessimistic at all.” Then I started explaining to the JapaneseContinue reading “An Updated Report Of A Nepali Reporter”

Shadhus of Shivaratri…Farewell

Shadhus of Shivaratri celebrated the festival. But life will not be easy in Pashupati Nath all the time. So they have to leave with thier belongings. A photo blog by Shruti Shrestha They came, they celebrated (and puffed) and they are leaving the Pashupati Nath Temple. Shadhus who came Kathmandu for Shivaratri festival leave theContinue reading “Shadhus of Shivaratri…Farewell”