Moriarty Musing: Nepal In Danger Of Collapse

American Ambassador to Nepal James F. Moriarity talks to Vijay Kumar in Frontline, the star journalist’s show in Kantipur TV. Namaste Excellency! Namasteeeee! Sanchai Hunuhunchha? Sanchai Chha. Tapailai? Malai Thikai chha. How much Nepali you have picked up since you arrived here 20 months back? Oh..mero Nepali bhasha thikai chha…. Aaaja ko baithak ma thuloContinue reading “Moriarty Musing: Nepal In Danger Of Collapse”

Changing Voices in Nepali Politics

Will Nepal see reconciliation in the near future? American Ambassador James F Moriarity has created a small-scale tsunami in Nepali politics by speaking against the 12-point agreement between Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists. (Ambassador will talk to Vijay Kumar this evening on Kantipur TV and we will post the full transcript of the interviewContinue reading “Changing Voices in Nepali Politics”