Exercising Democracy In Colleges

Nepal’s politically sensative colleges are holding elections of Free Student Union.

election fever in kathmandu colleges

The election fever has caught politically sensitive colleges by fire. Pro-democracy students have vowed to use the election for the benefit of the ongoing democratic movement of their mother political organizations. Colleges are decorated with posters, pamphlets and banners. Elections of Free Student Union have historical significance in Nepali politics. They were one of the major mediums for political parties to reach out to the young demography of Nepal. Pics by Shaligram Tiwari

By Deepak Adhikari

Thursday afternoon, I made rounds of colleges of Kathmandu Valley in the eve of the FSU election. Come Feb 28, almost two hundred thousand students across the country will cast their vote, choose their leaders. This election is significant for today’s student leaders are tomorrow’s national leaders. Blogger-turned-reporter Post B Basnet (of the Kathmandu Post) and I visited Institute of Engineering (IOE) in our first leg of college tour. Election was in the air but most of the candidates were unaware of the agendas, be it political or educational. Continue reading Exercising Democracy In Colleges