Rs. 220 000 000 For King’s Autocratic Democracy

First episode of King Gyanendra’s mission to establish autocratic democracy in Nepal costs Rs. 220 million to Nepali people

The official data disclosed by the Election Commission state that the Feb 1 Municipal Election, rejected by the world as well as majority of Nepali people, cost the state Rs. 220 Million. The details of expenditure are yet to come. Chief Election Commissioner Keshav Raj Rajbhandari informed journalists yesterday that his office had sanctioned that much of money for the Municipal election purpose. That much of money, hard earned by poor Nepali people, was spent to fulfill unjustified autocratic ambition of a person living inside the Narayan Hitti Palace. The money was grossly misused to strengthen autocracy in the name of restoring democracy.

Rs. 220 million is the official figure which certainly doesn’t include other expenditure in the election process. What about security arrangement? What about government’s publicity and manpower used in the election? The figure would be much higher if we count all the expenses. When you compare that monstrous figure with the situation in Nepal after the election, you become terribly disappointed. Its King’s autocratic democracy and the only person in the country enjoying democracy in no other than King Gyanendra himself.

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