Difficult Lives in Nepal

Three Images From Nepal: Brutality, Dispair and Celebration

Dhani Ram Chaudhari...injured in an ambush set up by the Maoists in a bridge over Tulbulia Khola near Murgiya Bazaar of Rupandahi's Parhoha VDC
Comrades’ Crime: He is Dhani Ram Chaudhari, a resident of Dudhrakshya VDC, Rupandahi district. He was injured in an ambush set up by the Maoists in a bridge over Tulbulia Khola near Murgiya Bazaar of Rupandahi’s Parhoha VDC. As he tried to pull a flag attached to the bomb, it exploded. Pic by Dipendra Baduwal Continue reading Difficult Lives in Nepal

Samrat Upadhyay and The Royal Ghosts

Samrat Upadhayay, writer of The Royal Ghosts has dedicated the book to his daughter
The Writer, his daughter and the book: Samrat Upadhayay, has dedicated his latest book The Royal Ghosts to his daughter Pic courtesy Samrat Upadhyay

By Deepak Adhikari
“What remains if sex is taken out from your fiction?” Samrat Upadhyay, acclaimed 42 year old writer, told us in our rendezvous at Babar Mahal Revisited in mid-June, “You’ll find your answer in my upcoming story collection The Royal Ghosts. There won’t be much sex in it, though not entirely sexless.” Samrat’s writing is often dubbed as ‘soft- porn,’ an epithet he thinks more fitting for Shobhaa Desque works. Continue reading Samrat Upadhyay and The Royal Ghosts

A Rendezvous With Prachanda

By Prateek pradhan
Editor , the Kathmandu Post
Prachanda, the Maoist leader of Nepal.
Pic by Narayan Wagle

Together with Narayan Wagle, editor of the Kantipur daily, I embarked on the journey to interview Prachanda alias Puspa Kamal Dahal.

We were neither nervous nor excited. We were only apprehensive that Prachanda, the supreme commander of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-Maoist), underground for over 30 years and leading the armed rebellion in Nepal for ten years, would really see us in person. We were not excited because we were not sure about publishing the interview; it would depend hugely on what he would have to say. More ominously we were worried about threats from both the armies if our movement was tracked. Continue reading A Rendezvous With Prachanda

Police Barbarism in Dang

Shusman Sharma, leader of CPN UML, who was mercilessly beaten up by police in Dang on Feb 8 election day

We all know that pro-democracy CPN UML cadre Umesh Thapa was killed by the army on the Feb 8 Municipal Election Day in Dang. In addition to that, securitymen had come heavily against unarmed activists who were protesting the election. The woman on the photos is Shusman Sharma, leader of CPN UML, who was mercilessly beaten up by securitymen who indiscriminately baton-charged over several protesting activists. Male policemen kicked on different parts of her body that have swollen. As her health situation went on deteriorating, the Dang Hospital referred her to Nepalgunj. She was brought to Nepalgunj midnight Friday (Feb 10) on an ambulance. “I have never seen such barbaric torture before,” she said from the hospital bed. Pic by Janak Nepal Continue reading Police Barbarism in Dang

Election Victory For Royal Nepal Govt.

Nepal's municipal election achievement for the royal Nepal autocratic government. A cartoon by Batshyaan

Their Achievement: Kamal Thapa, the Home Minister of the royal Nepal Cabinet and Chairman of the “victorious” pro-government faction of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) in the municipal election lifts the Award (that reads “20%”). He asks: “Is this small?” And the cameraman tries to console him by saying, “Small? No. It’s the achievement of our irregularities, ah…sorry… sincere efforts.” They are talking about the Feb 8. Municipal Election in which 20 percent voters participated. Cartoon by Batshyaan via Kantipur