Images From Kavre Clash

Maoists rebels, declared terrorists by the state, killed three army men in the Monday (Feb 27) morning clash at Kavre Bhanjyang of Kavre Palanchwok district. All pics except the last two by Chandra Shekhar Karki. Terrified local girls of Kavre Bhanjyang were apparently unable to speak with eachother after some of them saw the battleContinue reading “Images From Kavre Clash”

Where Police Boss Encourages Crime

The boss of Nepal Police uses his subordinates to perpetrate crimes. But the state is taking no action against him even after the crime cases have been reported in the media. Crime of a Policeman: She lost her husband and a son when a police Inspector enjoying the protection of Chief of Nepal Police ShyamContinue reading “Where Police Boss Encourages Crime”

Moriarty Musing: Nepal In Danger Of Collapse

American Ambassador to Nepal James F. Moriarity talks to Vijay Kumar in Frontline, the star journalist’s show in Kantipur TV. Namaste Excellency! Namasteeeee! Sanchai Hunuhunchha? Sanchai Chha. Tapailai? Malai Thikai chha. How much Nepali you have picked up since you arrived here 20 months back? Oh..mero Nepali bhasha thikai chha…. Aaaja ko baithak ma thuloContinue reading “Moriarty Musing: Nepal In Danger Of Collapse”

Changing Voices in Nepali Politics

Will Nepal see reconciliation in the near future? American Ambassador James F Moriarity has created a small-scale tsunami in Nepali politics by speaking against the 12-point agreement between Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists. (Ambassador will talk to Vijay Kumar this evening on Kantipur TV and we will post the full transcript of the interviewContinue reading “Changing Voices in Nepali Politics”

Exercising Democracy In Colleges

Nepal’s politically sensative colleges are holding elections of Free Student Union. The election fever has caught politically sensitive colleges by fire. Pro-democracy students have vowed to use the election for the benefit of the ongoing democratic movement of their mother political organizations. Colleges are decorated with posters, pamphlets and banners. Elections of Free Student UnionContinue reading “Exercising Democracy In Colleges”

Democracy: Voice of Nepali Youth

“Nepal never got real democracy. Constitutions made after the revolution of 2007 BS gave power to the king. Same happened even in 2046 (1990). Political leadership failed to make people feel democracy. We have seen [that the king’s] ‘golden wish’ after Magh 19 (Feb 1) has gone to the opposite direction.” –Suraj Kumar Dev, (front)Continue reading “Democracy: Voice of Nepali Youth”

ट्युटर अफ पोलिटिक्स

[UWB Note: This article, written in Nepali language and based on the interview of renowned writer and pro-democracy activist Manjushree Thapa conducted by Dinesh Wagle and Bikash Sangraula for Kantipur and the Kathmandu Post dailies, was first published in the Special Supplement of Kantipur brought out on the occasion, of 13th anniversary of Kantipur PublicationsContinue reading “ट्युटर अफ पोलिटिक्स”