Really. Cursed Commission Crashed

By Dinesh Wagle on June 27th, 2005 in Wagle Street Journal Acquitted from one graft charge, Nepal’s ex-PM continues struggling with another The moment I heard the news about former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s acquittal form a charge related to the distribution of money to internally displaced citizens from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund,Continue reading “Really. Cursed Commission Crashed”

Dollar ko Kheti

By Vishnu on June 26th, 2005 in Bashnet Ko Guff Nepalis suffer from famine: I/NGOS hold seminars at Five Star Hotels, ostensibly to alleviate poverty. Recently I have had the privilege of attending a number of seminars and workshops on child rights or poverty alleviation, which are usually held at star hotels. I have veryContinue reading “Dollar ko Kheti”

Rallying to Keep the Issue Alive

By Dinesh Wagle on June 26th, 2005 in Wagle Street Journal Press Freedom for Democracy Nepali journalists think that nationwide rallies will help keep the issue of democracy and press freedom alive An American reporter asked me this morning about the journalists’ ongoing agitation against autocracy in Nepal. “I’m wondering if journalists feel, now moreContinue reading “Rallying to Keep the Issue Alive”

Let’s Listen to Nilambar Acharya: Democracy is the Key

By Rama Parajuli Nepal Politics: The King has to step back for a talk Nilambar Acharya, a prominent political analyst has answers to any question regarding the present political situation of Nepal. He is for a peaceful movement to restore democracy. He expressed his ideas about the ongoing movement in Martin Chautari on 21 JuneContinue reading “Let’s Listen to Nilambar Acharya: Democracy is the Key”

Royal Commission In The State Of Oblivion?

Nepal’s infamous royal commission: hype and hoopla is over By NAMA Royal Commission Complain List Chart Number complaints registered with the Royal Commission for Corruption Control. What had happened to our loyal, sorry, royal commission? Is it dead or just in deep slumber? We have not heard much from it, particularly, after Deuba’s detention/DCP’s suicide/Continue reading “Royal Commission In The State Of Oblivion?”

Maoist Control Right Under Kalapani

A Nepal reporter describes the unexpected odyssey that nearly took his life when he was abducted recently by the Maoists in the western boarder region of Kalapani, Nepali land that is under Indian encroached for decades. By Bikram Giri [Reporter’s Diary] Charung (Darchula)– I left for Kalapani on June 1. As people mostly use theContinue reading “Maoist Control Right Under Kalapani”