Q: Why I am Not Balanced? A: Tell Me Who is Balanced.

By Dinesh Wagle on May 29th, 2005 in Wagle Monologues Some words on ABC of Nepal’s Journalism When I was in college, teachers tirelessly repeated in the classes what was written in the books: Journalism is all about ABC. Yes, so simple, teachers said, it is all about ABC: Accuracy, Balance and Credibility. While inContinue reading “Q: Why I am Not Balanced? A: Tell Me Who is Balanced.”

State-friendly Textbooks and Other Versions of Truth

By Vishnu Basnet on May 29th, 2005 in Bashnet Ko Guff Is Nepal adopting ‘personality-cult’ oriented education system? Nepali textbooks are being changed to fit the interest of particular persons and families. Is that okay for the future of Nepal? Take the truism â??Knowledge is Powerâ??, and turn it on its head. It becomes â??PowerContinue reading “State-friendly Textbooks and Other Versions of Truth”