United We Blog! on ‘Dangerous Assignment’

‘When Nepal’s King Switched off the news, reporters switched tactics’ After being covered in so many media outlets around the world in a time span of two months we thought our ‘15 minutes of fame’ completed. We were wrong. [We have been covered by Online Journalism Review, Mid-Day (Mumbai), Hindustan Times (New Delhi). Well, IContinue reading “United We Blog! on ‘Dangerous Assignment’”

Nepal Democracy Movement: List of Activists in Jail

Civil rights suspended, press freedom squelched, Democracy is on hold in Nepal since Feb 1 royal takeover. King is continuing his talks of Peace and prisons around the country are experiencing a surge in traffic: number of political prisoners is increasing like never before. Orders from supposedly independent Supreme Court are a joke for theContinue reading “Nepal Democracy Movement: List of Activists in Jail”