Beard (Daari), What a Lively Thing U R!

By Dinesh Wagle on November 20th, 2004 in Wagle Monologues

beard (noun) hair growing on a chin and lower cheeks of a man’s face: a week’s growth of beard. a false/grey/bushy/long/white beard.

Thus defines the Oxford dictionary the word beard. We in Nepali call daari to what they call beard in English. Therefore, the hair on chin and lower cheeks of my face is daari. I cannot give you an exact number of my daari.

However, I can tell you how important they are. Huge. Daari generate talks, start conversations, and create such an atmosphere where people feel free to express themselves. Ditto with my daari. They are thought provokers. They attract attention from both sexes. You might understand why my daari is popular among females. I will explain why male are interested in my daari.

Let’s start the discourse, I call it Daari Mahatmye, from the news. Today, I am no longer a bearded man today. I am a beardless man. No daari, clean shaved face, cute and shining, at least for some of you people out there. Continue reading Beard (Daari), What a Lively Thing U R!