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Does Baburam Bhattarai Need Political Adversaries like Mohan Baidya When he has a Wife like Hisila Yami?

LEFT TO RIGHT: Sita Dahal, her husband Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, Dr Baburam Bhattarai and his wife Hisila Yami pose for a photo before heading to what is now known as the historic Chunwang Baithak (meeting) in Chunwang, Rolpa in 2005. Pic via Dinesh Shrestha

‘Choosy’ Hisila Yami Cheapens Her PM Hubby’s Resolves  हिसिला यमी जस्ती भ्रष्ट श्रीमती भएपछि प्रधानमन्त्री बाबुरामलाई मोहन बैद्य जस्ता राजनीतिक शत्रु किन चाहियोस ?

By Bhadra Sharma

[प्रधानमन्त्रीकी भ्रष्ट पत्नी: १६ लाखको मुस्ताङ चढने प्रधानमन्त्रीकी श्रीमती हिसिला यमीलाई डेड करोडको प्राडो चाहियो ! जवकी प्रधानमन्त्रीकी श्रीमतीलाई गाडी दिने कानूनी प्रावधानै छैन । सस्तो गाडी दिँदा उनले मुख्य सचिवलाई भनिन्- ” त्यो गिरिजाले चढेको थोत्रो, मलाई नयाँ चाहियो ।” प्रधानमन्त्रीले बोलाएको भन्दै सचिवहरूलाई बालुवाटारस्थित प्रम निवासमा झुक्याएर बोलाउने यमीले आफै सचिवहरूलाई निर्देशन दिन्छिन् । स्रोत: काठमान्डू पोष्ट]

While Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has been meticulously following the austerity measures in a bid to create a better image of his government, his wife Hisila Yami, a prominent leader in the Maoist party, seems to be swimming against the current. Sources said many of her recent acts watered down her husband’s resolves.

In a clear breach of the PM’s recent directives, Yami demanded a Prado, a Toyota car that costs Rs 15 million, from the Prime Minister’s Office only last week. PM Bhattarai, in sharp contrast, rides a Nepal-assembled Mustang car, which costs Rs 1.6 million. Continue reading

Population of Nepal is 26.6 Million (26,620,809 to be exact)

people of nepalThat’s the preliminary result, which the Central Bureau of Statistics Director General Uttam Narayan Malla said, may change after the final result is prepared.

This report was prepared and distributed by the Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS)

The population of Nepal has reached 26.6 million, according to the preliminary result of the National Census 2011. The result released by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Tuesday (today) said the population of Nepal is 26,620,809 in 2011 including 12,927,431 male and 13,693,378 female. The census showed the population growth rate of Nepal was 2.25 per cent per annum. Nepal’s population was 23 million according to the last census held in 2001. Continue reading

Milky Way as seen from Mardi Khola, Nepal

The Milky Way as seen in the Mardi Khola valley in the Himalayas, with clouds of galactic dust illuminated in red by young stars. Anton Jankovoy braved freezing temperatures for this shot during a trek in Nepal Photograph: Anton Jankovoy/ Caters News Agency

The Milky Way as seen in the Mardi Khola valley in the Himalayas, with clouds of galactic dust illuminated in red by young stars. Anton Jankovoy braved freezing temperatures for this shot during a trek in Nepal Photograph: Anton Jankovoy/ Caters News Agency (via the Guardian)

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Buddhist Nuns Embrace the Power of Kung Fu

NEPAL IN FOREIGN PRESS Nepali monastery is enjoying a surge in popularity after spiritual leader introduces martial arts classes

Nuns practising kung fu at the Druk Gawa Khilwa Buddhist nunnery in Ramkot, Nepal. Photograph: Simon De Trey-White/Eyevine

By Syed Zain al-Mahmood in Kathmandu

A Buddhist monastery near Kathmandu is enjoying a surge in popularity after its spiritual leader directed its 300 nuns to use martial arts techniques.

Enrolment is rising and Buddhist nuns as far afield as the Himachal Pradesh in India want to become kung fu instructors.

The Druk Gawa Khilwa (DGK) nunnery near the Nepali capital teaches its nuns a mixture of martial arts and meditation as a means of empowering the young women. In Buddhism, like many religions, the voices of women have traditionally been muted. But the leader of the 800-year-old Drukpa – or Dragon – order, to which DGK belongs, is determined to change all that. Continue reading

A Nepali Muslim Leader is Murdered in Kathmandu

Muslim leader Faijal Ahamad murdered

Curious onlookers gathering near the shooting site at Ghataghar, Kathmandu where Faijal Ahamed‚ general secretary of Nepal Islamic Sangh was shot dead by an unidentified person today. Pics by Nimesh Jang Rai via THT

In yet another incident of daring broad daylight shooting, Islamic Association General Secretary Faijan Ahamed was killed when two unidentified motorcycle-borne assailants opened five rounds of bullet in front of Tri Chandra Campus at Ghantaghar, which is right next to the Kathmandu Valley Police Office. The assailants attacked Ahmed, 36, at 1:45 pm when he was on his way to office (near Tri Chandra Campus) after finishing his afternoon prayers at the nearby Jama Mosuqe. Critically injured Ahamed was rushed to Bir Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He sustained bullets in his chest and waist. The armed gunmen are on the run as police have intensified search for the assailants. The motive behind the killing is not clear yet. Continue reading

A Buddha Air Plane, Returning to Kathmandu from a Everest Flight, Crashes on a Hill. All 19 on Board Killed

buddha air plane crash2

At the Buddha Air plane crash site. Pics by Prakash Mathema/AFP

By Deepak Adhikari/AFP

A small aircraft taking tourists on a sightseeing trip around Mount Everest crashed in Nepal on Sunday, killing all 19 people on board, officials said.
The Buddha Air Beechcraft plane carrying 10 Indian passengers, three other foreign tourists, three locals and three Nepali crew crashed into a hillside in heavy rain and fog at Godavari, around 10 kilometres (six miles) from Kathmandu.

“All 19 people have died. The Buddha Air-103 was returning from a mountain flight when it crashed into Kotdada Hill,” said Bimlesh Lal Karna, head of the rescue department at Tribhuwan International Airport.

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Foreigner’s Eye: An African Experience in Nepal

The experience in Nepal has not always been always good. When walking in the streets we hear people calling us Kale/Kali all the time. नेपालमा सबै अनुभव राम्रा छैनन् । बाटोमा हिँड्दा सधैंजस्तो मानिसहरूले हामीलाई ‘कालो, काली’ भनेर चिच्याएको सुन्छौं ।

Yvonne Otieno for Kantipur

Yvonne Otieno

By Yvonne Otieno
[विदेशी आँखा- bideshi ankha- Foreigner’s Eye]

“Namaste! Welcome to Nepal.” These were the first words I heard from my host upon arrival.

They have stayed with me every day. Every time I leave the house or when I start comparing Nepal to Kenya, I remind myself that I’m in Nepal and Nepal will never be Kenya or vice versa. We are both be developing countries facing different challenges. A country is more than the technology. A country is about people, people and their cultures, people and the struggles, people and their victories, their values and principle.

On my first day, I had dinner with my host organizations father. He is a professor and a prolific writer and artist. He had been told that my father is also an artist and he was interested in learning about Kenyan Art. His story is quite fascinating. He used to be a university lecturer but he resigned. He is well read about ancient history, philosophy and just about any subject you can think of. However, he hasn’t left his compound for the last 20 years in protest to the multiparty system in Nepal. When I ask him why he doesn’t support this system? His says -You can’t have too many people preparing one cup of tea. He spends most of his day reading in his garden. But he is always willing to share some nuggets of wisdom. Continue reading


The East Nepal, North East India Earthquake in Photos

This gallery contains 9 photos.

The earthquake that rocked us yesterday- in pictures.

The Earthquake that Rocked Us in Nepal

Read a news report on the quake here र नेपालीमा: भैचालो जसले हामीलाई हल्लायो

By Dinesh Wagle

The scary thing (or good, depending upon how you see things) is that the epicenter of the 6.8 earthquake that rocked Kathmandu and eastern Nepal this evening was, according to the US Geological Survey, 272 kilometers away (east) from Kathmandu. (68 km north west of Gangtok, Sikkim, India). It was so terrifying. (Personally speaking, the Quake Moment was the most scariest I have experienced in a looong time.) Imagine the situation if Kathmandu WERE the epicenter! [Three people have died in Kathmandu, and two in Dharan, after the British Embassy compound wall collapsed. Many people have injured themselves as they tried to ran out of buildings.] Continue reading

Foreigner’s Eye: I Married a Nepali Mountain Biker!

dan wright and nirjala
Dan and Nirjala: “Sriman ani Srimati – Hamro maya is Happy!”

By Dan (Bahadur) Wright
[विदेशी आँखा- bideshi ankha- Foreigner’s Eye]

I’m a recently married man…twice, all in the space of just 7 months and to the same girl!

I first came to Nepal in 1997 at the age of 18 as a volunteer English teacher for a little school in Koteshwor. I arranged the position through a friend of a friend and eventually received a letter, several months old by the time it reached me in January 1997 saying, “We will meet you at the airport in September and you will need a yellow suit and some teaching materials”, so duly warned I arrived in the brightest yellow suit I could find at Tribhuvan airport carrying a bag of posters and childrens books and cassettes of fun songs! I was met by about 50 children in school Uniform at the airport all with flower mallas and Tikka and I think my reception there was better than the Foreign Diplomats arriving on the same plane! Continue reading